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Boils - Effective Home Remedies

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What are they?

Boils are defined as an acute skin problem that happens due to bacterial infection. This can be in any hair follicle. Usually, they would start off as a small nodule and eventually it becomes more painful and tends to increase in size.



  • Long-term illnesses and diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • Prolonged fever and infections
  • Use of excessive antibiotics
  • Chemical reaction due to using strong cosmetics like creams and lotions



  • Firm or tight reddened bump on skin
  • Inflammation and tenderness around the bump
  • A small bump that tends to increase in size
  • Pus-filled bumps with a head
  • Oozing or wheezing bumps
  • Redness and itchiness around and on swollen bump


Home Remedies

Neem or Indian Lilac - Indian lilac or neem is rich in antibacterial and healing properties. 

  • Take some fresh neem leaves and make a puree out of these. Apply all over the affected areas and let dry naturally.
  • You can add this puree to your bath tub and soak in this water for about 20 minutes too.
  • Dry neem powder is also available in the market. Make a paste out of the powder and then apply all over the affected areas.
  • Indian Lilac oil or neem oil can also be used directly on boils. Apply using cotton balls. 
  • Neem oil can also be added to bathing water


Epsom Salt - Avoiding moisture and humidity is the best remedy for boils and Epsom Salt precisely does the task. 

  • Take a handful of Epsom salt in hot water and soak your feet, Wait for about ten minutes then pat dry. 
  • If your blister has popped Epsom Salt would sting. In this case, you can mix some corn-flour with Epsom salt and directly apply on the area


Castor Oil - Castor oil works as a disinfectant for treating boils.

  • Lightly heat some castor oil and apply on affected area. It would help the fluid to ooze out without risks of infection.
  • You can also mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 3 spoons of castor oil. Mix and keep in a bottle. Apply 2-3 times a day.


Warm Compress Warm compress can reduce boil inflammation and give respite from icing too.

  • Take hand-ful of rock salt in a muslin cloth. Tie it in a knot. Heat this over a pan and when bearable temperature press lightly on the boil.
  • You can also mix some turmeric to this mixture.
posted Oct 19, 2016 by anonymous

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ginger benefits

Ginger is often referred to as galangal and is one of the most popular spices found across homes in the world. It has been used in Ayurveda for ages now and includes  using the same in fresh and dried forms. So here are some cool home remedies using ginger that would be useful for treating many women-centric issues-

Morning sickness

ginger tea

Pregnancy brings a lot of joy with it - but there’s also some minor complications like morning sickness, which is more of nausea and feeling of uneasiness. Sadly this is not just restricted to morning but continues all day through for many. You can try chewing on ginger that has been mixed with some rock salt and mango powder. The combination helps in boosting your taste buds and also curbs morning sickness. It further tantalises the taste buds and makes you feel hungry too.


Enhances pregnancy health 

pregnancy health

Regular consumption of raw ginger is highly recommended for pregnant women because it helps in boosting immunity, aids digestion, reduces pregnancy related swelling and bloating (oedema) and also fights against the common cold and cough. Since you are not prescribed too many medicines during this period, try having at least cups of ginger tea through the day. Just boil a cup of water with grated ginger and some basil leaves. To this add a spoon of honey and drink up twice to enhance your immunity and get protection against common cold and cough, flu, etc.


Prevents ovarian cancer

Recent studies established a strong connection between ovarian cancer and ginger. It revealed that women who consumed ginger on the higher side were able to prevent augment of ovarian cancer. In fact, even women who had ovarian cancer were able to restrain and control the spread. For this remedy, you need to sun-dry some ginger or even get dried ginger from the market. Make it into a fine powder and have it with your tea, in salads or even on empty stomach mixed with some water.


Reduces menstrual cramps and pain

reduces cramps

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce cramps and pain during menses. It also heals other forms of muscle pain. For getting respite, you can consume ginger tea. You should have this tea a few days before getting your menses. Additionally, you can also mix dried ginger with some carom seeds and jaggery to 2-3 cups of water. Drink this warm tea twice a day.

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pregnancy health

reduces cramps

ginger tea

ovarian cancer

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low sperm motility

Low sperm motility is often attributed to factors like genes, lifestyle, food habits, etc. It has been seen that some men have lower motility rate not because of lower sperm count but simply because the quality of sperm or its ability to attach to the fallopian tube is not really good. In this reference, here is a list of home remedies combined on the basis of food changes, activity, sexual life, etc.

Food Changes

food changes

First and foremost, you need to alter your diet to a great extent. So even though you may continue to have most foods that you usually do, the focus is to shift to eating ingredients that are known for boosting sperm motility. These include-

  • Eat a mix of nuts and raisins everyday. You can mix together walnuts, pistachio, cashew nuts, raisins, etc. and have them as a muesli on their own. Doing so is known to boost your sperm count along with enhancing motility.
  • Mango, bananas and garlic should eaten everyday because they are beneficial in enhancing sperm count along with motility. Banana in particular is a crucial ingredient here that helps in increasing sperm motility with high content of sulfur and iron.
  • Another home remedy for sperm motility is roasted black gram dal and then boiling the same in some milk. You should add some sugar, raisins and cardamom to the same. Then make it into porridge like consistency and consume it. Doing so helps in boosting your overall sperm health. Ideally, you can also increase quantities of Bengal gram dal in your diet.
  • Date are another ingredient that are known for boosting sperm motility. For this remedy, you can mix together some Bengal gram flour with milk dates and sugar and have it everyday. You can also consume dates in dry forms with milk and honey.            
  • Munch more on iron-rich snacks and fruits like carrots, broccoli, spinach, etc. to boost sperm count.

Wear Cotton, Natural or Organic Fibres

wear cotton for sperm motility

It has been seen that a lot of artificial fabrics like polyester are known for overheating your testicles. This in turn is known for affecting your overall sperm motility rate. What you can do here is try to wear more of natural and cotton rich clothing that keeps the area cool. You can wipe the area with wet tissues and wash more often with cold water to prevent overheating, which is a major cause of low sperm motility.

Lifestyle Changes

lifestyle changes for low sperm motility

Along with a change in your diet, it is time to make a switch to healthier lifestyle habits. The first thing that you should do here is quit smoking and alcohol. Both of these factors are highly attributed to lowering your sperm count along with affecting your motility rates. In particular, it has been seen that people who smoke and drink have poorer motility rates as compared to those who don’t.

Meditation, Yoga and Exercise

yoga for low sperm motility

Try to lower your stress and anxiety levels by doing yoga, exercises and meditation at home. It has been seen that stress and anxiety are the disastrous combination affecting healthy motility rates. Exercising and yoga are known for releasing happy hormones into the system, which again fight such problems. Also, they work to reduce obesity levels, which are a primary cause of low sperm motility. Try do exercise and do yoga for about 30 minutes a day to get beneficial results. You can also practice meditation whenever you get time because it helps in relaxing your entire body - while getting rid of high levels of stress and anxiety, thus improving overall sperm motility rates and boosts sperm count too.

yoga- aboutmeditiation

low sperm motility -newkiidscenter

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Over the past century, there has been a drastic rise in the diabetic levels across the globe. This rise is owed to eating more of processed foods, canned drinks and of course higher sugar intake. Ayurvedic remedies are available to help in fighting and restricting this impact and are highly beneficial when combined with diet and exercise.


Fenugreek or methi


This is a deep cleansing ayurvedic remedy that can be easily consumed not only in direct form but is also used in vegetables and curries across many cultures. Basically fenugreek has properties that helps in managing your sugar levels in the body through the digestion process. It further enhances the function of the pancreatic cells and helps in boosting your insulin production. The amino acid in fenugreek called 4-hydroxyisoleucine helps in the same.


Home-remedy- For this remedy, you can just soak a spoon of these seeds overnight in some water. Drink this water in the morning and chew the seeds along side too. Another way of using the same would be roast these seeds for a couple of minute and then allow them too cool. Use them as a woodier or even chew on them. You can also boil one cup of the seeds in a litre of water and then strain and keep having 2 glasses every day.


Bitter gourd or bitter melon 

bitter gourd

Bitter melon is highly suggested for diabetic patients because the bitter properties or taste found in the sam helps in managing your sugar levels. And though drinking up this juice or consuming the vegetable is not appealing, its benefits are much more wide spread. The extracts of this regale contain an enzyme that reduces your sugar levels post a meal. It also contains phytonutrients named charantin that allows sugar to be more easily absorbed by the cells and muscles.

Home remedy - You can just drink up the juice of this vegetable mixed with either plain gourd or even cucumber juice. Alternatively, you can add this to soups for getting a healthy dose of vegetables combined with benefits. Stir frying too helps in reducing the bitterness while providing similar benefits. 


Pterocarpus or Vijaysar


This is a deciduous tree that grows in the Deccan Peninsula of the Indian subcontinent. It has been known to reduce the absorption of sugar levels in the intestines thus helping with type 2 diabetes. Along with having many anti-diabetic properties, this tree is also known for providing respite against many other related issues.


Home remedy- Ideally you should take a wooden bowl for storing the bark of this tree with some water. In the morning, drink up this water on an empty stomach. After a month of intensive therapy, you can change the bowl. It is the combination of wood along with the bark that creates this beneficial impact. Another way of using this would be getting the powder of this bark from ayurvedic stores and mixing it up with water and have a spoonful of the same everyday.

Fenugreek main bitter gourd Pterocarpu


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