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Erectile dysfunction

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posted Oct 3, 2016 by Moses Kimemia

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1 Answer

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Erectile dysfunction is defined as the condition where a man has a consistent and prolonged problem in attaining or maintaining erections for effective sexual intercourse.  Erection occurs when blood flows into the chambers of the penis after the brain stimulates it to do so. However, any obstruction in the blood flow either due to physical problems or psychological problems tempers with the natural process.

Below are the major causes which cause Erectile Dysfunction are:

1. Alcohol - Consumption of alcohol before the act can greatly impact the time of the act since alcohol interferes with the hormones. Overconsumption of alcohol can have lasting damage to the reproductive system. So avoiding alcohol is the best bet.

2. Depression - Since hormones are the drivers of the whole process, any interference in their normal functioning disorganizes the process. Depression is one of them. It suppresses the sex drive and unfortunately anti-depressants used to treat depression also have the similar effect.

3. Medication - Some of the prescribed (drugs for BP, painkillers) and recreational drugs (Cocaine, Marijuana etc) have negative impact on the sexual life. Discuss with your doctor if you are regularly taking any of these. 

4. Stress and Anxiety - These two conditions release the hormone cortisol, which tends to treat the functioning of other hormones/activities unimportant when a person is anxious and stressed. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep.

5. Obesity - A few extra inches around your waist can cause detrimental impacts on your sexual life. Since hormones get majorly affected by the excess fat in the body, trying to maintain a healthy weight is strongly suggested.

You could refer to the home remedies that are proved to be effective in this link-  

Ayurveda since ages has been giving permanent solutions to problems which none other medicines could effectively treat. You could follow this link for more information on treatment of erectile dysfunction using Ayurveda

These solutions generic and based on the observations over a large group of people. iIndividual problems, however, have to be discussed with your physician.

answer Oct 4, 2016 by Pallavi
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