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4 affordable stuffs every Diabetic must have

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We have discussed about the various tracking devices a Diabetic patient can use to keep a check on the sugar levels. Below are some of the interesting stuffs which can be used on day to day basis that will help you take smaller steps towards a healthier diabetic span!


Food plate                                                          ​

Food being the major aspect of diabetes, optimal levels of glucose plays directly relates to the food intake. A diabetic food plate helps define the portions of different foods to meet the balanced diet and have control on the amount of servings. This plate is divided into four sections. This shows you what single portions of protein, grains, fruits, and vegetables actually are.


This small wearable device keeps track of all of the steps you take throughout the day. Some pedometers are basic counters, while others keep more detailed logs of activity. But all help encourage you to move more during the day, which is an important goal in managing diabetes. Exercise programs that use a pedometer may lead to not only increased activity, but also better blood sugar control.

Inspection mirror

Given there are a range of feet problems a diabetic patients experiences, it is very important to keep a track of feet to identify any complications. It can be hard to see your soles and between your toes. A magnifying mirror with a long handle or shaft is a great aid.

Digital Pill organizer

Digital pill organizer is a device that has compartments to store pills according to the schedule. It has got alarms which can be set to remind one about the pills to be taken at the specific time.  It is easy to carry and good for travelling.

posted Sep 13, 2016 by anonymous

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You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that bad food habits would trigger off diabetes problems. If you don’t have it already, you are putting yourself to risk by doing the same. And if you do have diabetes, then your sugar levels are just going to go for a toss. So beware of these 4-


Sugary Drinks and Processed Foods

sugary foods

Sipping on sugar drinks has unfortunately become a trend these days. The so called iced-tea or the mojito you sip on to avoid colas and aerated drinks have lower sugar amounts. So your average sweet drink has useless calories that are a bane for you. The same applies for all kinds of processed foods, no matter what baked chips you are eating or canned baked beans you are cooking with. The preservatives here are going to constantly wreck your metabolism, lead to obesity and eventually hinder the production of insulin in the body, thus causing diabetes.


Missing Breakfast

missing breakfast

There’s always a rush to go to work so why not wake up about 30 minutes earlier to make a healthy and easy breakfast for you. Since you are breaking fast or eating after almost 10 hours, your stomach is likely to be growling for food. It is the perfect setting for the Type 2 Diabetes to make home for. Whip up eggs quickly or eat some fruit or even blend a smoothie with yogurt, have a whole meal toast or even oats. A simple change like this would go a long way in restricting the onset of diabetes and controlling the same, if you already suffer from it.


Too Much Starchy Foods

starchy foods

Starchy foods are those, which really makes your diabetic situation worse. Too much of white is best defined as starchy foods that include breads, pasta, rice potatoes, etc. that cause your sugar levels to spike. So you should try to restrict the intake of the same by switching to healthy browns. These include wheat based or multigrain pasta, bread, etc. Along with causing obesity, it also leads to indigestion issues, which is problematic for those with family history of diabetes. Confectionery perhaps is a food that falls under the category of both starchy and sugary - and not to mention it has heaps of butter too. So your pastries, doughnuts and cakes should be saved for very special occasions.


Saturated Fats

saturated fats

Saturated fats include butter, margarine, etc. are known for building up your insulin resistance. Alternatively, extra virgin olive oil, clarified butter, and even regular forms of vegetable oil are healthier alternatives. These are defined as mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats that are healthy for the heart, but in controlled portions and quantities. So just because extra virgin olive is good, doesn’t mean you soak you bread in it!

Keeping your food habits in control is your best against the battle for diabetes.  With fresh produce being a cooking burden and random switching to packaged foods, you are just making the situation worse for yourself.

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missing breakfast

starchy foods

saturated foods

sugary foods


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