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What foot problems will I face if I'm diagnosed of Diabetes? Are complications fatal?

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posted Aug 4, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Diabetes in a long run tends to affect various parts of the body including feet. Few serious issues that only diabetes people go through are Diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disorder. Severity in both of them can lead to a condition called gangrene which is the death of tissues due to lack of proper blood flow. The complications are not always fatal, however, it is best to consult your diabetologist if you experience any of the below symptoms mentioned for the diseases.

Diabetic neuropathy - The nerves in the feet get damaged, due to which any kind of sensation in the feet area is obstructed in diabetic patients. Heat, cold, cut, pain, etc are not felt readily. This can get worse when any injury might go unnoticed and get infected. If this persists for a long time, the feet might have alignment issues too.

Peripheral vascular disorder - It is the circulation disease that affects the blood vessels located far from the heart. Hands and legs are the common victims. Since pure blood is not supplied readily, a small cut or injury might worsen into a serious infection or ulcer.

There are some feet problems which are not just seen in diabetic people, but if a diabetic patient comes across any of these, the symptoms should not be ignored. Below is the list:

Fungal infection of nails : Fungi infect the nails making them appear yellow/brown, thick and brittle. If untreated the infection might take a long time to get healed. This is caused due to the moist environment within the shoes.

Corn and calluses : Corn thick hardened tissue near the bony area of the toe or between the toes. This is caused when there is an improper pressure applied on the feet due to shoes or due to friction. Calluses are also a hardened tissue which appears on the underside of the foot, caused due to improperly fitting shoes. 

Blisters and Athlete's foot (Click on them for the info)

Ingrown toe nails : Edges of the nail grow into the skin causing pain, pressure, reddening and swelling. Caused due to improper shoes, improper trimming of nails or persistent abrasion to feet through running, walking etc.


answer Sep 7, 2016 by Pallavi