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My father is recently diagnosed of Retinopathy, what are the things to be taken care of?

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posted Jul 18, 2016 by Joseph

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2 Answers

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I assume that, this is a condition of Diabetic Retinopathy(DR). If any other Retinopathy, please don't follow the bellow instruction and get back to me with the details.

I would like to know, the stage of his DR. Follow-up and the type of treatment would depend upon the stage. Early stage of DR, does not need immediate treatment, but regular follow-up is must.

Patients having Retinopathy are most of the time, also diagnosed with Nephropathy. It's better to consult a Nephrologist as well, so that he/she can assess the status of the kidney.

I would suggest him to control his blood-sugar level first. To asses his current situation, he should go through the following tests

  • FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  • PPBS (Post Prandial Blood Sugar)
  • HbA1c (Glycated haemoglobin - you can find details here : )
  • Microalbumin level in urine
  • Fundoscopy (testing the retina of eye)
  • Other retinal tests ( e.g. FFA, OCT ) might be required depending upon the severity of the Retinal damage

Regular quarterly eye check-up (Fundoscopy) is a must, so that timely treatment can be done when required, to prevent progression of Diabetic Retinopathy(DR).

Consult with Diabetologiest / Physician for treating the diabetis.

answer Jul 20, 2016 by Dr. Nibedita Acharya
Thank you for the response ma'm! The stage is mentioned as NPDR. What further care do I need to take care about?
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Hi Joseph,

     NPDR (Non Proliferative DR) are of multiple types : Mild, Moderate, Severe etc.

If your father has mild NPDR, regular follow-up with an Ophthalmologist at six months interval will be good enough. Along with that, i would suggest to control the blood-sugar level effectively.

If it is beyond mild category, i would suggest you to consult with an Ophthalmologist early, to decide the course of the exact treatment.

Dr. Nibedita
answer Jul 26, 2016 by Dr. Nibedita Acharya
Thank you for the advice ma'm.