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1400 calorie plan for diabetic patients

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diabetic food pyramid

Now all diabetic patients have similar nutrition requirements. There are some who have a higher nutritional requirement and there are some who don’t need as many calories. This diet plan includes items that roughly gives you 1400 calories in a day, which is sufficient to maintain a healthy diet and also aids in weight loss.


As a diabetic patient, weight loss is essential and once you achieve that target, you can then balance out nutrients or increase calorie intake to retain the same. As a rule of thumb, these 1400 calories need to be spread out over 5 meals a day at least. You can stretch it to 6 if you want too. The idea is to have calories that are healthy and don’t contain too much of unhealthy fats, which hamper your pancreatic functions. In this meal plan, your 3 major meals should be about 350-400 calories and the remaining 2 can be snacks and in between meals.



For breakfast

diabetic breakfast

Your options for a 350-400 calorie meal include-


  • 1 egg white omelet with a slice of toast, cooked in light oil, with 1/2 cup each of mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. About 2 spoons of grated cheese can be added to that You can add 1/2 cup of low fat milk to this.
  • Boil one whole egg. Have this with 2 slices of multigrain or whole-wheat bread and half a ripe avocado, mashed and seasoned. Total calorie portions about 375 calories.


Mid morning snack


This can be one medium banana or even a medium bowl of ripe papaya, which is about 100 calories each. You can also have a bowl of low fat greek yogurt.




  • You can make a tuna salad using 3 ounces of packaged tuna, 2 whole grain or whole wheat bread slices. For the dressing use 2 spots of non-fat yogurt mixed with a chopped celery, salt, pepper and lime. You can add 3 ounces of carrots to this along with one apple. Total meal is about 400 calories. 
  • Veggie mixed salads that includes 2 cup of leafy vegetables like kale and spinach that are fibre rich and iron rich too, thus aiding in protein absorption. To this you an add 3/4 c low-fat cottage cheese or even tofu. Add 1/2 cup of either orange or grapefruit, which is very low on natural sugars. For the dressing, use 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and some lemon and salt and pepper. Add more proteins with 2 spoons of your favourite nuts like almonds or walnuts for omega 3 fatty acids. This can be served with 4-5 pieces of your favourite whole grain cracker.



Evening snack 


This should be something that is rich in protein and it can be a 3 ounces of either cubed tofu or a small bowl of baked soy sticks. The approximate portion of this is 100 calories.





fish tacos

  • For dinner, carbs in form of breads is eliminated because it will impact your fasting sugar. Broccoli is added here because it activates insulin receptors. So 1 cup of fresh steamed broccoli,along with 1 sweet baked potato and 1/2 a portion of grilled chicken is added. The calorie portions here are about 400. 
  • Fish tacos is made using 2 ounces of grilled fish. 2 pieces of corn tortilla. To complete the meal, add some hung yogurt or low fat cream with shredded cabbage and lemon juice. To this you can add mixed veggies of your choice like 2 cups of aubergine, green beans and mushrooms. These veggies have anti-inflammatory benefits and contain almost negligible sugar levels. Total portion about 380 calories.


Image source - yogurt ; food pyramid ; tacos ; breakfast ; lunch

posted Jul 8, 2016 by Rachel

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continental breakfast

Continental breakfast is often considered to be synonymous with healthy - but that is really untrue, especially for diabetic patients. With rising sugar levels, the last thing you should is break your fast with layers of dairy and greasy bacon. But thankfully there are some great continental breakfast recipes for those who suffer from diabetes-


Sugar-free muesli

sugar free muesli

If on the run, then muesli is perhaps one of the greatest breakfast for you and it is low on calories and high on fibre. But before you just pick a pack off the rack make sure that you read through the ingredients. There should be no sugar substitute, artificial preservatives and also synthetic sweeteners here. Go for muesli that is devoid of dried fruits, which contain sweetening agents. Instead just get a pack of regular muesli that is made with oats, rye, etc. and add fresh chopped fruits here. Also, think of using yogurt instead of milk here because of the goodness of the probiotics, which are essential for diabetic people.


Eggs Different Ways

egg white

It is best to miss the egg yolk due to the high cholesterol in it, but if you must use 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites to prepare your egg-treat. This can be done in different ways like omelets or even scrambled. Just whip up the eggs and then cook them on a non-stick pan. Add little salt and pepper in the end for seasoning.


Multigrain pancakes


This pancake is without sugar and makes use of fresh fruits for adding some taste. The basic batter includes 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup whole-wheat flour, 1/4 cup quick-cooking oats, 1/4 cup cornmeal, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 large egg, 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt, 3/4 cup nonfat milk. Whip up your ingredients together to make the thick batter. Now the best part is that to this batter, you can add vegetable puree like spinach or even crushed corn and other veggies. The idea is to give you the wholesome goodness of a continental breakfast without making it sweet. And if you do care for a sauce, take a bit of dijon mustard or some low fat greek yogurt, which is whipped in garlic and olive oil. The end result is sugar-free and healthy pancakes for diabetes.


Green Smoothie

The entire idea of having a green smoothie is not only to give you a high dose of nutrients but also to help you flush out toxins. It contains celery and coriander along with lots of healthy vegetables and fruits that are ideal for managing your sugar levels. For this recipe, you need your favorite green fruits think green apples and kiwi. Alongside take some fresh baby spinach, celery, parsley, some coriander and ginger and lime juice to taste. Whip these together in a blender, post washing them properly. Do not strain this juice because you want a dose of fibre for your continental breakfast. And these fibers are a boon for diabetic patients. So drink away a glass to great health. 

continental breakfast, egg whites, pancakes, muesli

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It is true that diabetes is a disease that is best managed through simple measures like eating healthy and exercising. But thanks to modern tracking devices, it is now possible to actually be more accurate and precise about the things that you do. Think of devices like Toshiba activity trackers, Fitbit, iHealth, BodyMedia, etc., that simplify the task for you.


Track physical activity

track physical activity

The first step to go about here would be investing in a device that tracks your fitness levels and activity all day through. There is no doubt that most diabetic patients suffer from issues of obesity and managing your weight would be the best way to start off the with the same. You can help your body in absorbing insulin better. These devices help by-

Tracking how much you walk, calories, burned, the amount of time you spent lazing around or sitting, etc. You can set daily goals on these and ensure that you are able to fulfill them.

Plus, they also track your sleep at night to see how sound you are sleeping or how restless you are. In particular, lack of sound sleep in the night could be a major cause of getting up with higher sugar levels in the morning or what is also called fasting sugar.

The product is available here.


Tracking your calories 

calories counter

Another useful purpose of these tracking devices for diabetic patients would be tracking their calories and food intake. It is rather tempting to just eat up that bag of potato chips when you are watching television. But these tracking devices help you exercise control. And since you are entering your food intake here, you don’t want to add-on such junk food here! You can also connect with other users here and check what you have eaten or avoided eating.


Weighing scale

wireless scale

Monitoring and tracking is one aspect of managing your diabetes and a weighing scale and the inches tape is the result bearing device. Remember that your actions do have consequences and a weighing scale will reflect your weight gain or loss. In particular, wireless scales are a trend now and help you in measuring your weight and keep it connected with your tracking devices. All in all, you will be happy to see the results. These can also be posted right on social media if you want to challenge your friends and stay motivated.


Blood pressure device

No doubt that blood pressure is something that a sugar patient or diabetic patient should monitor constantly. The simple reason for having or owning a home blood pressure cuff is to ensure that you are in the safe zone all the time. It is true that with diabetes, your pressure is likely to spike at the oddest of the hours. By having a tracking device, you can actually keep a track of the same when it is going off the charts.


Glucose monitoring apps

glucose monitoring app

These are again a new age device, which are available in different forms as applications and also portable devices. You can check out this article for more-

But on the whole, these devices are ideal for keeping your sugar levels in the check and ensuring that you are able to control or restrain your glucose levels by constant monitoring.

So invest in these sensible apps to keep your diabetes in check.

main ; track physical activity ; glucose monitoring app ; pressure cuff ; wireless scale ; calorie counter

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alcohol and diabetes

Alcohol drinking has been associated with increase in diabetic levels. It has been seen that individuals who consume more of alcohol are prone to obesity along with a range of other diseases that trigger of diabetic problems.


Hinders with medicine function 


Research shows that alcohol not only hinders but also interacts with diabetes medications, thus leading to a drastic rise and fall in the blood sugar levels. There are some diabetic pills like sulfonylureas and meglitinides that reduce blood glucose levels and in turn stimulate the pancreas to create more insulin. This combination can lead to insulin shock or hypoglycemia, which is an emergency.


Stops the liver from doing its job

alcohol side effects

Too much of alcohol also hinders the function of your liver. It has been seen that when there’s too much alcohol in the blood, the liver has to work towards reducing that alcohol content instead of focusing on managing your blood sugar levels. So individuals with lower blood glucose should avoid drinking alcohol. Considering that alcohol is known for reducing your liver potential for making glucose, you should ensure that you test your blood sugar level


Alcohol on empty stomach

The reason that alcohol should be avoided on empty stomach is that foods slow down or delay the rate at which alcohol absorption takes place in the bloodstream. According to the Diabetes Teaching Center at the University of California in San Francisco, consuming alcohol post a meal reduces this flcutation.


Risk of hypoglycemia

Another problem with drinking alcohol is that within some minutes of the same of the same - and even 12 hours afterward, alcohol tends to stay in the blood and thus leads to a drop in glucose levels. Hence it is recommended that when you consume alcohol, you should always double check your blood glucose level. Anything below 100 mg/dL means that you need to snack on something healthy.




Another issue faced here is that it takes about 2 hours for an average 150 pounder to break down one glass of alcohol. So you can imagine the effort that goes in here. Plus, the alcohol side effects include sleepiness and dizziness, which in turn makes your metabolism slow down further, thus leading to weight gain and increased fat. 


What you can do?


Remember that when it comes to controlling the extent to which your sugar levels are affected by alcohol, you are the one to make a choice. Not only is alcohol a problem for other health functions but when it comes to sugar levels, it really takes everything for toss. So here’s what you should do-

  • Restrict your drinks to 1 a day for women and 2 for men. So this means an ounce of wine or 1 1/2-ounce "shot" of liquor or 12-ounce beer).
  • Make sure that you have this only with food and not only empty stomach. Consume the same gradually rather than gulping down.
  • Avoid having these with any extra sweeteners especially soda and lime cordial.

Image source        

what you can do


liver functions



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