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South Indian breakfast is all about rice - Is it suitable for diabetic patients?

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posted Jun 29, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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There is a general belief that because south Indian breakfast comprises of a lot of rice, hence it is not suitable for diabetic patients. But that is really not true. Again the trick here is moderation and ensuring that you cook with minimal oil. In fact the breakfast spread on the south Indian front can be rather elaborate and a treat for diabetic patients. Here are some healthy options that you can have for breakfast-

  • idly’s/ Appams - Though it is made with rice, idly is not laden with
    oil or unhealthy fats. The starch here in moderation is good for your
    health. But remember opt for the steamed version and use light ghee
    rather than oil.
  • Dosa- Dosa too contains rice but has more of lentils that makes it a
    lighter version. Try adding multigrain or even oats to your dosa to
    make a tad fibrous.
  • Upma- Semolina based Upma is another healthy breakfast option. If
    you want to make it fibrous and really low on calories, make it with
    oats instead. It’s cooked the same way in ghee and use yogurt rather
    than milk to make it tangier and also healthier.
  • Buttermilk - Laden with coriander, curry leaves and ginger, the
    spicy buttermilk is a great treat for diabetic patients. Both these
    ingredients are known for their herbal benefits and are light on the
    calories too.

Other items like banana chips or dal vada, fried in coconut oil can be taken but in moderation as they are deep fried. Also, the coconut chutney served with these staple meals are high on healthy fats. But too much coconut is not good for diabetes. So avoid having more than a small bowl. Instead have more of onion or tomato based chutneys. Coconut water, served abundantly with south Indian breakfast dishes is another add-on for diabetic patients. So, say yes to a wholesome and healthy breakfast that any sugar patient can have.

answer Jun 29, 2016 by Rachel