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What are some diabetes app on iOS App store?

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posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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If you are looking for something that is absolutely focused on checking your diabetes, then here are three options that always click. These are again not very heavy on the pocket and based on simple usage and the convenience of keeping a tab on your sugar levels. Essentially, an app is a great preventive measure for diabetic patients, keeping a check on their everyday habits. So, yes they are effective and for the little price you pay, definitely worth the bucks.

Diabetes in Check

enter image description here

This one is compatible with just your iPhone or iPad, so it doesn’t work on Android or other relevant platforms. But for a free app, it sure works wonders.

• It has the classic simple and intuitive design you seek
• Easier navigation for convenience with the tabs across the top
• You get features like journal, meal planner, recipes, and a food guide
• Medications can be tracked too
• Option to log on to message boards.
• Scan barcodes on all packaged foods for getting your nutritional data

You can get the link for iOS app store here

Diabetes Pilot Pro

enter image description here

This app too is just on iPhone and costs merely $2.99 each month. The easy to use and navigate application is a perfect, comprehensive application for checking and managing your diabetes levels.

• It tracks your measurements, food intake, exercise, etc. and keeps a tab.
• You also get your approx HbA1C for planning your next doctor’s appointment.
• You can email and share reports right from the application. No need to log into separate email.

You can get the link for iOS app store here

Diabetes Tracker

enter image description here

An iPhone compliant tracker, this one comes for about $9.99 but is feature-rich. On the whole, it is a very comprehensive application for monitoring the A-Z of diabetes.

• Along with a clean and simple design, it measures and tracks your food, blood sugar levels, exercise, blood pressure, weight, medications, and moods.
• All of these are then reported through a special feature and charted.

You can get the link for iOS app store here.

answer Jun 24, 2016 by Daisy