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What are some diabetes apps that are compatible with iStore and Android?

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posted Jun 23, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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It is true that with smartphones you do get a range of applications that are beneficial for your overall health. And some apps in particular are a boon for diabetic patients. These are applications that can help you track your sugar levels, monitor activity through the day, etc. Keeping a track of your sugar levels through the everyday procedures is vital. Through these applications, you can get the same benefit and that too for no additional cost because the ones listed here are free of cost. So go ahead and install them.

mySugr Diabetes Logbook

enter image description here

If you are looking for a free iPhone and Android compatible app that delivers, then this is the one. The interface is not only fun and bright but also easy to use.
• You can enter details of what you are eating, your moods, etc.
• On the basis of this, you get special reports that can be taken to your doctor.
• It really works because you can get your next HbA1c with this inputs, thus manage sugar levels more effectively

The download link is available here and for iTunes


Again, this one works with both iPhone and Android, so it leaves you with no excuses to not have a diabetes app on your phone.
Interface features a streamlined design for faster and easier navigation.
Suitable for those who use the drug Glucagon, which is known for raising dangerously low blood sugar levels.
• On the whole, you get all relevant info to practice and get knowledge of administering the drug.
• Other features include providing store location, expiration dates and records.
• If you have been using this drug, then app will surely hep you stay updated

The download link is available for Android here and iTune here.

Glucose Buddy

enter image description here

Featuring free installation benefits for both iPhone and Android this is a cool app that comes with icons on a designed dashboard that is easy to use.
You get regular notifications on your sugar levels along with food, insulin dosage, weight and much more - based on your entries.
• Option to graph blood sugar and connect with other people on the forum. So you can actually interact and discuss on relevant topics and get a more personal feel.

On the whole, you also get alerts and reminders through the day so that you don’t miss checking on your sugar levels and also manage it better.

The download link is available for iTunes here and Android here


enter image description here

Compatible with only iPhone and Android, this is another free app that really helps you connect with peers and groups. So your entire family and friend circle is there to root for you.
• It is easy enough to be used by both kids and adults with an intuitive interface
• You can connect and share updates about insulin, and blood sugar levels. Also get text messages for any new information entered

The download link is available here and iTune here

Calorie Counter PRO

enter image description here

This is a paid that app that is available on iPhone for $ 3.99 and it is free for Android users.
• It has a text-focussed interface that is comprehensive and not overwhelming
• A dedicated weight loss app to track your meal, activities and diabetes goals
• You can tab your progress and take daily notes on it. You can also check and manage your weight and BMI through this.

The download link is available here and iTune here

Diabetes management today is not longer restricted to just rushing to the doctor or your clinic for blood tests. The same is now possible with the click of your finger, thanks to these amazing apps. Taking care of little things like medicine reminders to warning you of a lazy day, these are a must- have on your phones.

answer Jun 23, 2016 by Rachel