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What is a diabetes diet? And how do I follow it?

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posted Jun 21, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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A diabetes diet is basically a healthy eating plan that is advised by your general physician to control your blood sugar levels. As the name suggests, it is a diet that restricts foods of certain types rather than complete absenteeism. Basically the idea is to avoid foods that top the list of glycemic index, which means they contain ingredients that increase or spike your sugar levels - and that is never really a good thing. Here’s a list of foods you should eat and ones that you should avoid-

Do Eat

  • Healthy carbohydrates that are easier to break down as compared to
    the complex ones. So think of legumes, pulses, peas, lentils, low fat
    dairy products or even soy products along your dose of veggies and
  • Fiber-rich foods provide you with natural ingredients that help in
    improving digestive functions and flushing out toxins from the body.
    Oats, whole wheat and multigrain are your best friends here. Apart
    from this, raw fruits and vegetables are recommended as they retain
    their nutritional value.
  • Good fats and cholesterol are a part of this diet too. Don’t think it
    gives you permission to gorge on butter and oil. It simply means more
    of fish like salmon and tuna that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
    Beyond this think of nuts, avocados and olive oil and clarified
    butter - but in moderation.

Do not eat

  • Don’t go overboard with sugar-laden drinks be it alcohol or even your
    regular tea. In fact, go sugarless all the way on this end.
  • All foods that rank high on starch and preservatives are to be
    avoided. These include pasta, bread, canned foods and products, etc.
    They are rich in transfats, bad cholesterol and other elements that
    are just going to wreck your health.

So follow the rule of moderation and enjoy a healthy diet that will help you in controlling your sugar levels.

answer Jun 21, 2016 by Kiran
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Tips for diabetics

answer Aug 18, 2016 by anonymous
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My diabetes was very well controlled before getting pregnant with my first one. My Hb1Ac was between 5.9 and 6.2 for years.

Unfortunately, pregnancy has changed everything. The control that I used to have is not accurate anymore. It happens that my BG goes up which I can bring back down but with difficulty, but it happens more often that my BG falls into the 20s within minutes. I was usually able to notice it whenever my BGtended to go down, but now, most of the times it is already too late by the time I notice. I was very lucky because my husband was always around to assist when I fell into hypoglycemia. I am just worried for this to happen when he is not around, I am only 3 months pregnant and have a long way to go.

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