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I suffer from diabetes but due to the nature of my job, I have to eat out a lot. How should I manage this?

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posted Jun 21, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Diabetes should not stop you from eating out. And thought it is not easy, with a few modifications it is possible to eat out and also control your sugar levels. It would require a lot of self control from your side, along with healthier eating choices and some additional changes-

Eat on time

If you are entertaining clients or even friends outside, it is best to schedule a dinner or meal that suits your chart. Remember going hungry for too long is actually bad for you. Take your insulin shot or medication before having the same.

Don’t worry about being curious

There is nothing wrong in asking about the sugar content or trans-fat content of the items on your menu. These days, restaurants are being more considerate and attentive towards special nutritional needs. In all probabilities, the chef would whip up a special meal to suit your requirements.

Stick to smaller portions

Ideally, opting for smaller portions instead of regular ones and sharing your meal is advised. This way you are never too tempted to eat too much or over indulge.

Pick sensible dishes

A yummy hot soup followed with a nice salad is a great way to fill your tummy. Keep in mind to avoid the mayonnaise dressing on you salads- opt for lime or vinaigrette instead. Also, lean fishes and white meats should be picked. There are also choices for multi-grain options in breads and pastas. If you have a fruit based dessert then you can opt for a few bites there - but nothing that is very rich or sugar laden since you will be eating out a few times each week.

Restrain alcohol consumption

Make sure that you keep your liquor glass as full as possible to avoid refills. Take a sip on and off but do not go overboard. A max of 2 wine glasses should be your weekly quota. Here's why you should avoid alcohol -

answer Jun 21, 2016 by Joseph