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Is it true that acupuncture can help control diabetes?

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posted Jun 20, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Acupuncture has helped cure many kinds of diseases - and to a certain extent, it really works well for diabetes too. Type 1 diabetes is the insulin dependant type that cannot be treated by Acupuncture. Due to the lack of residual pancreatic function, the diabetic patient in this case has to take insulin for life. So for type 1 diabetes, Acupuncture may help in easing symptoms and providing other health-related benefits - But not really curb diabetes.

But with type 2 diabetes, which is not really insulin dependent, the response from Acupuncture has been much better. When combined with exercise, it has been seen that acupuncture aids in weight loss and also residual pancreatic function. However, sugar patients are advised rest post their first session because of changes in insulin-producing cells causes and renewed production. Keep in mind that in some cases, acupuncture may not really have a direct impact on your insulin levels but it could help you fighting other relevant symptoms.

Here’s how Acupuncture can help-
▪ It helps to reduce or lower blood glucose content, which helps in managing your sugar levels.
▪ It also restrains the release of pancreatic glucagons into your system.
▪ It helps in controlling polyphagia symptoms, which is the urge to eat too much. It also fights the problems of
polydipsia or excessive thirst and polyuria - excessive urination.
▪ Many diabetic patients experience slower motor nerve conduction, which can be corrected with acupuncture.
▪ Acupuncture also helps in boosting microcirculation and myocardial contractility
▪ With higher flow of blood, acupuncture helps in regulating vascular peripheral resistance
▪ It provides the diabetic patient with exert antiatherogenic, antioxidant and immunomodulating effects
▪ Furthermore, it reduces the problems of ulcers and obliterate atheroscelerosis of the legs

Along with the above, acupuncture can improve the eyesight and vision related issues of the diabetic patient too.

answer Jun 20, 2016 by Shahid R
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Dear All,

My diabetes was very well controlled before getting pregnant with my first one. My Hb1Ac was between 5.9 and 6.2 for years.

Unfortunately, pregnancy has changed everything. The control that I used to have is not accurate anymore. It happens that my BG goes up which I can bring back down but with difficulty, but it happens more often that my BG falls into the 20s within minutes. I was usually able to notice it whenever my BGtended to go down, but now, most of the times it is already too late by the time I notice. I was very lucky because my husband was always around to assist when I fell into hypoglycemia. I am just worried for this to happen when he is not around, I am only 3 months pregnant and have a long way to go.

I am concerned about the baby's health. I would really appreciate any advice that I can get. Thank you very much for your time.

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