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I am an athlete and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Can I continue with my regular activities?

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posted Jun 15, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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It is a rather scary feeling to be diagnosed with something like diabetes, which can be only managed but not really completely cured or treated. However, as an athlete, effective management of the same is your best bet. The advantage you have here is being healthy and fit, thus eradicating the risks associated with diabetes. So the good thing is that, you could continue with your regular sports activities, but with sensible planning and management.

• Make sure that you consult with a physician prior to starting off the practice session
• As a rule of thumb, do check your sugar levels before and after the practice too. In case of spike, you may need an insulin shot. At times there could be a sudden decrease too so you can have some glucose tablets or gel post the same
• Do not workout or exercise on an empty stomach as this will cause turbulence in your sugar levels. Make sure you have a healthy snack prior to commencing your workout.

Your doctor or physician would prescribe you with medicines that are suitable for the kind of high physical activity you indulge in. There are some athletes who are given insulin-pump therapy. In this method, continuous insulin delivery is done that aids in better control of blood sugar levels. It also helps you in getting more flexibility. The pump levels are adjustable based on your performance.

Keep in mind that certain kinds of exercise may have the same effect on blood sugar as insulin. So it is possible that your sugar levels could go really low. Also, if your high blood sugar tests reveal ketones (via urine test) you should take a break till the same is resolved.

answer Jun 15, 2016 by Shahid R