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Foods that lower sugar levels/ diabetes naturally

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It is true that some poor food habits can trigger off a diabetic attack or make your sugar levels go over the roof.

But there are also many foods, which lower your sugar levels naturally. These are fresh fruits and vegetables along with some spices that induce hormone production and balance your sugar levels. 




This is one of the best fruits that a diabetic patient can have because of its many blood sugar benefits. Being rich in antioxidants and fibres, you also get a dose of good health with it. As per a recent study it was discovered that a cup of blueberries everyday helped the body get bioactive ingredients that increased sensitivity to insulin. Not only is it beneficial in healing diabetes to a great extent, it is also a preventive measure for those with family history of this disease. Considering that insulin resistance is the core cause of type 2 diabetes, blueberries have properties that balance the same.




Yes avocado is high in fat, but with the good ones, which are easily absorbed by the body and won’t show on the wrong side of the weighing scale. The high dose of monounsaturated fats found in avocados is ideal for releasing slow sugar into the bloodstream, which further reduces insulin release. This fruit is also rich in beta-sitosterol that aids in quelling inflammation post an intense workout- something that sugar patients are prone to. Have it as a dip or even in your sandwich or salad. But remember that 1/4th of an avocado is the recommended dosage for sugar patients.


Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are high in fibre and protein along with being one of the oldest gluten-free grains available. Not only does it stabilise blood sugar but it also helps in better management of insulin sensitivity. It enhances your metabolic rate, which is crucial for fighting obesity - a major impediment in diabetic treatment. Along with this, Chia seeds give you the benefit of correcting cholesterol imbalance and manage blood pressure and sudden spike in blood sugar levels post meals. Have 2 spoons daily in salads, with milk or even on its own.  




According to a 2003 study in 'Diabetes Care’ journal, it was revealed that cinnamon could aid the muscle and liver cells in responding better to insulin. Not only does it induce weight loss, but also the body is able to absorb more of insulin and this balances your blood sugar levels as lesser insulin is released. In particular, the Ceylon cinnamon helped fight cardiovascular diseases, which are a core problem with diabetic patients. Have 1/2 spoon daily with milk, water or even in other food forms.


Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Not any synthetic vinegar, but Apple Cider Vinegar is known to do the trick with diabetes. This natural form of vinegar has been known to balance blood sugar in the body along with insulin levels. It also helps in creating a sense of being full that aids in weight loss. A study by the Arizona State University study revealed that individuals who drank a 1/4th cup of ACV mixed with water before meals had better blood sugar and insulin levels, post the meal too. Just 2 cups twice a day is sufficient.

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apple cider vinegar


chia seeds



posted Jun 15, 2016 by Daisy

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Can you suggest more fruits for Indian conditions?

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It is true that diabetes is a disease that is best managed through simple measures like eating healthy and exercising. But thanks to modern tracking devices, it is now possible to actually be more accurate and precise about the things that you do. Think of devices like Toshiba activity trackers, Fitbit, iHealth, BodyMedia, etc., that simplify the task for you.


Track physical activity

track physical activity

The first step to go about here would be investing in a device that tracks your fitness levels and activity all day through. There is no doubt that most diabetic patients suffer from issues of obesity and managing your weight would be the best way to start off the with the same. You can help your body in absorbing insulin better. These devices help by-

Tracking how much you walk, calories, burned, the amount of time you spent lazing around or sitting, etc. You can set daily goals on these and ensure that you are able to fulfill them.

Plus, they also track your sleep at night to see how sound you are sleeping or how restless you are. In particular, lack of sound sleep in the night could be a major cause of getting up with higher sugar levels in the morning or what is also called fasting sugar.

The product is available here.


Tracking your calories 

calories counter

Another useful purpose of these tracking devices for diabetic patients would be tracking their calories and food intake. It is rather tempting to just eat up that bag of potato chips when you are watching television. But these tracking devices help you exercise control. And since you are entering your food intake here, you don’t want to add-on such junk food here! You can also connect with other users here and check what you have eaten or avoided eating.


Weighing scale

wireless scale

Monitoring and tracking is one aspect of managing your diabetes and a weighing scale and the inches tape is the result bearing device. Remember that your actions do have consequences and a weighing scale will reflect your weight gain or loss. In particular, wireless scales are a trend now and help you in measuring your weight and keep it connected with your tracking devices. All in all, you will be happy to see the results. These can also be posted right on social media if you want to challenge your friends and stay motivated.


Blood pressure device

No doubt that blood pressure is something that a sugar patient or diabetic patient should monitor constantly. The simple reason for having or owning a home blood pressure cuff is to ensure that you are in the safe zone all the time. It is true that with diabetes, your pressure is likely to spike at the oddest of the hours. By having a tracking device, you can actually keep a track of the same when it is going off the charts.


Glucose monitoring apps

glucose monitoring app

These are again a new age device, which are available in different forms as applications and also portable devices. You can check out this article for more-

But on the whole, these devices are ideal for keeping your sugar levels in the check and ensuring that you are able to control or restrain your glucose levels by constant monitoring.

So invest in these sensible apps to keep your diabetes in check.

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