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How smoking is an impediment in diabetic treatment?

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smoking and diabetes

Diabetes is defined as a group of disease where your levels of blood sugar tend to get higher. Whatever food is being consumed gets converted into glucose by our body - which is then used by cells for making energy. Our pancreas is responsible for making insulin, which is a hormone that converts glucose into body’s cells. But those suffering from diabetes are unable to make enough of this insulin. Chain smokers in fact are likely to suffer from diabetes.

Smoking is one of the most common factors that is known to be an impediment in diabetic treatment. Here are some facts that you should know-

  • Those suffering from either type 1 and type 2 diabetes are known to have problems related to treatment because of smoking. In fact, there is 40% higher chance of a smoker getting type 2 diabetes, as compared to those who don’t. Due to problems with insulin dosing - smoking is a hindrance that further obstructs reaction of the medication. The chemicals like nicotine found in cigarettes block your entire passage starting from the lungs and going up to the nasal canal, making the situation worse for you.
  • Smoking also makes it very difficult for controlling diabetes. One of the major causes for the same is that smoking leads the body to think it is stressed. As a result, a series of other hormones are produced that hinder the overall production of insulin and even their absorption in the body through external sources.
  • The diseases that one can suffer from because of being diabetic and also smoking include heart and kidney disease, lack of blood flow to different parts of the hands and legs. In some cases, it leads to infections and ulcers leading to amputation too. Then another form of blindness called Retinopathy may happen. Additionally, there is also issue faced here that causes damages to your nerves. This is known as Peripheral neuropathy that leads to pain, weakness, numbness and poor coordination.


Action Plan

action plan

The first thing that you must do here is quit smoking. It is something that will immediately help in reducing your diabetes complications and also minimise risks of above-mentioned diseases. But do remember that the ill effects of smoking are not something that go by so easily. You must also do exercises and opt for a detoxifying treatment under a specialist. Doing so helps in cleansing your lungs and pancreas from the harmful chemicals that are left behind because of smoking. Once these come out, your pancreas can still get back to some regular functioning.

Deep breathing post an active walk would minimise your risks associated with smoking.

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action plan





posted Jun 13, 2016 by Daisy

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smoking and infertility

The big question is does smoking cause cancer and infertility- Yes! It does. Why else would there be so many wanring signs on the cigarette packet (kept purposely unreadable). But the sad thing is that even as a non-smoker, inhaling these toxic fumes can make you prone to cancer. And most importantly, it is a deterrent to conception. Smoking has a number of negative impacts on the body and mind - sadly infertility issues in both men and women is a major concern here.

I don’t smoke, but my partner does?

partner smoking

In this case, you become the passive smoker - who inhales all the fumes from the partner, but doesn’t have the option of exhaling the same. And this puts you at a higher risk of the becoming infertile too. Here are some facts that you should know-

How it affects men and women?

smoking men and women

Non smokers are at higher risk of infertility because as mentioned above, they are unable to release this smoke back.Women are 1.5 times more likely to be affected and take longer time get pregnant. Men who smoke rapidly are prone to having lower sperm count. Statistics and researches reveal that passive smokers are less likely to get pregnant. Women also tend to reach menopause much earlier because of smoke.

man smoking

Men not only suffer from lower sperm count and quality, they are also at a threat of having hormonal issues and problems. For women, smoking takes a negative too on the ovulation cycle. This means that you are really uncertain on when you are ovulating and plan out your days when chances of conception are at the highest. Smoking also wrecks the health of the cervical mucus, which reduces fertility risks.

Smoking and cancer

smoking and cancer

You are aware that smoking is one of the biggest threats to cancer. But what you are not aware of is that even if you beat the cancer, chemotherapy and radiation along with other strong medications reduce fertility levels. People loose their urge to have sex, sperm and eggs quality goes down and you become weak too, which physically proves to be a hindrance in conceiving. In some cases, ovaries or the uterus or even prostate has to be removed because of the cancer.

Risks After Conception

pregnant woman smoking

Just because you conceived, doesn't make you any healthier. Women who have conceived but continue smoking or are exposed to passive smoking have a higher risk of miscarriages. Also, it puts the baby at a higher risk of defects and abnormalities.

What can be done?

quit smoking 

The negative effects of smoking can be undone with ease. It will take you about a year, but if you quit smoking now, you are eliminating all of these risks and ensure that you are able to start a healthy family. Try using a nicotine patch and take measures to quit smoking. If your partner is a heavy smoker then help him/ her in the process too.

Follow a detoxifying diet, which includes high fibre fruits, juices and fluids that help in flushing out toxins from the body. Doing so will eliminate the residues of the harsh chemicals within the lungs and other parts. So quit smoking to increase your chances of fertility.


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