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The many benefits of the humble asafoetida

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The amazing to taste and flavoursome Asafoetida is one of the potent spices beneficial for the health of women. It does have a sharp taste but also provides you with the goodness of health by combating many problems that includes sexual and menstrual issues. So here are some easy home remedies using Asafoetida-


Alleviates menstrual cramps and regulates cycle to boost fertility

menstrual cramps

One of the most common problems that women suffer from is menstrual cramps and irregular periods. This spice is known for improving your uterine health and helps in minimising period pain. Furthermore, it is also known to induce periods and regulate them. For making this remedy, you need to mix a spoon of asafoetida with warm water and a dollop of clarified butter or ghee. It is this combination that helps in flushing out a lot of toxins from the body and also boosts progesterone secretion. In fact, the duo is also known to clear minor cysts and clots from the uterine area. Have one cup on empty stomach in the morning and one at night.


Another remedy that you can try here for light or irregular bleeding would be mixing heating a spoon of ghee and then adding a pinch of asafoetida, with some fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds. Now pour this over some salted buttermilk. Mix well and drink. This way you also get a calcium boost and the combination of these spices helps in getting you a healthy and regulated menstrual flow, which in turn boosts fertility. 


Protection against uterine cancer

uterine cancer

Asafoetida is known for cleansing the body and this also includes the uterine area. Furthermore, it has rich anti-oxidants and cancer fighting properties, which works really well for uterine cancer. Research shows that women who consumed asafoetida on a regular basis not only showed protection against uterine cancer but it was also found that it also restrained or restricted the growth of the malicious cells.


Treats pregnancy morning sickness and nausea 


Be it morning sickness or nausea, asafoetida is known for healing acute indigestion problems, even constipation and releases bile juices that helps in getting rid of the feeling of uneasiness. You can just mix up some asafoetida with rock salt and some carom seeds. Then have a small pinch of this when you wake up in the morning or even drink it up with some warm water to get rid of both nausea and morning sickness.

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uterine cancer




posted Jun 7, 2016 by Joseph

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Cumin seeds or jeera is a humble spice that is used in almost all meals in countries like India. A pinch of jeera in buttermilk or even its roasted seeds in dal add tons of flavour. But along with this flavour, it also provides many health benefits for a woman. These include-


Fights anemia


Research reveals that 100 grams of jeera has about 11.7 milligrams of iron. This is one of the most crucial components for production of haemoglobin. With higher red blood cells in the body, you are also able to supply more oxygen through out the body - this fighting anaemia. And all of this the natural way without much fuss! You can use cumin seeds in various ways including powdering the same and mixing it with either buttermilk, using it in your vegetables or even mixing it with some breads. There are no excuses for consuming the same.


Protection against tumours and cancer

Another benefit of the cumin seeds is that it offers protection against a wide range of cancers, especially ones that are aggravated because of tumours like breast cancer and uterine cancer. As per the researches carried out by the Cancer Research Laboratory of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA, cumin seeds contain an active compound called cuminaldehyde. This aids in minimising the growth of tumour. In particular, this anti-cancer property is seen in abundance in the black cumin seeds that are called kala jeera. 

A simple home remedy using black cumin seeds would be toasting them and chewing on a spoonful every morning and night. Alternatively, you can also make cumin water by boiling a litre of water with a cup of black cumin seeds. Strain and then drink up the same every morning.


Aids lactation 

aids lactation

One of the century old remedies using cumin seeds is for lactation. Post delivery countries of South Asia, give a lot of emphasis on giving pregnant women a diet rich in  cumin seeds. It enhances supply of milk for the lactating mother and because it also aids in healing menstrual issues, it helps in faster recover. Another benefit here is that the herb also helps in smoother bleeding, which happens post delivery. Just have tea made of cumin like mentioned above or you can also chew on the raw seeds of cumin. Increase intake by adding more cumin to your diet as a seasoning on whatever you eat.

Image source

black cumin seeds


cumin main

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curry leaves

Curry leaves are found in all homes and you will notice their plants are abundantly found in the Indian subcontinent too. The reason for using these leaves is not only about flavour but also the secret health benefits it has. Here are some home remedies using curry leaves-


Improves digestive functions in pregnant women

pregnancy and curry leaves

Pregnant women are rather prone to problems like constipation, morning sickness and nausea - to name just a few. Because of extensive hormonal changes they are susceptible to skin break outs too. Curry leaves are the one stop solution here as they help in easing bowel movements and also control piles or haemorrhoids during this period. Additionally, the subtle flavour of the curry leaves combats nausea and regulates smoother bowel movements. You can take a spoon of ghee or clarified butter with and add some curry leaves to the same. Then use this on top of your veggies, buttermilk, etc. to enjoy the health benefits.


Fights cancer and reduces chemo side effects


Unfortunately, if you are already affected by cancer then you can increase your curry leaves intake to reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation. As per research curry leaves not only offer protection to the chromosomes from damage, they also help in preserving the bone marrow and minimise the growth of free radicals in the body. Women who suffer from uterine or breast cancer should chew on raw curry leaves. You can also boil them in water to make a tea and drink it up 2-3 times a day.


Enhances fertility levels

curry leaves for good health

A hindrance to pregnancy is obesity. This leads to an array of health problems that include diabetes, increased levels of cholesterol and even reduced flow of blood to different parts of the body. Curry leaves are a rich source of iron no doubt, but also fibre rich. The leaves help in boosting your metabolism, increase the flow of blood and aid haemoglobin production in the body. All in all this, combination helps in fighting obesity and thus enhances your fertility levels. For improving or boosting fertility and fighting obesity, you can add can just puree it and add to your favourite juices. Toasting them slightly reduces its nutrients, though it still has plenty of benefits to provide you. When toasting them, use clarified butter instead of oil for additional health benefits of the latter. 

Image source

curry leaves

pregnancy and curry leaves


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Women are often burdened with everyday tasks and homemaking duties, restricting their intake of healthy food. Adding flaxseed to your diet is highly recommended because of the many benefits it provides. Here are some of the home remedies using these-

Prevents breast and uterine cancer risk

cancer and flax seeds

High concentration of lignans (useful chemical compounds in plants) found in flaxseeds are known to prevent both uterine and breast cancer. Women who consume at least 1-2 spoons of flaxseeds are known to have lower risks of breast cancer as compared to women who don’t. With the high concentration of these elements, there is a reduced risks of both tumors and cancer.

Improves fertility

One of the biggest hurdle in fertility is obesity. It has been noted that women tend to suffer from an array of diseases, especially irregular menstrual cycles, increased blood pressure, etc. which are a hindrance when trying to conceive and also in carrying out pregnancies successfully. Flax seeds are known for lowering cholesterol in the body and also boosting metabolism, which helps in managing weight. Also, flax seeds have a tendency to expand when consumed, which keeps you fuller for longer, thus reducing appetite and helps fight obesity.

Improves pregnancy health 

pregnancy and flaxseeds

During pregnancy, constipation is one of the biggest problems that women face. This happens because the body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes. There are soluble fibers found in the flax seed that are known for getting rid of constipation during pregnancy. Pregnant women can just have a small spoon of flaxseeds every morning to ensure smoother bowel movements. Also, women also suffer from bone loss issues post pregnancy. The consumption of flaxseeds helps prevent this bone loss with high fatty acid concentration. Thus keeping you healthier during and post pregnancy too. Furthermore, it also keeps many pregnancy diseases problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia at bay. But make sure you have the same just once a day.

Image source:

pregnancy and flaxseeds


cancer and flaxseeds

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Papaya in both ripe and unripe forms comes with its share of benefits for women. But there are some people who believe that ripe papayas may lead to abortion or cause the woman to miscarry during the early stages of pregnancy. However, there is medical or scientific proof of the same. Along with this, there are multiple benefits that the papaya can give you-


Fights obesity

papaya weight loss

One of the biggest reasons for women to indulge more in this fruit is because it helps fight obesity. Made mostly of water, with natural sweeteners, ripe papaya has enzymes that are known to melt fat. In fact, women who are trying to conceive but are unable to because of obesity would benefit largely here. 


Improve lactation


Some women suffer from problems post childbirth with lactation. In many cultures both ripe and raw papaya are served to women in form of salads, vegetable or even as a soup. Papaya helps in stimulating hormones that secrete milk in the breasts and enhance lactation. Also remember that women who feed or nurse their kids for a longer period of time are less prone to getting breast cancer as compared to women who don’t.


Regulate menstrual cycle

regulate period

A common problem that women across the world these days suffer from is irregular menstrual cycles. You can blame it on excessive stress, lifestyle changes, exertion, etc. But if there’s a quick and humble remedy that can resolve this issue without much fuss is Papaya. Research shows that women who consume a bowl of ripe papaya fruit everyday have more regular cycles as compared to women who don’t. Since papaya flushes out toxins and cleanses the stomach and digestive tract, it also boosts your uterine functions, thus facilitating healthier periods. Additionally, it also combats obesity which is a hurdle when it comes to getting your periods on time.


Reduces risk of cervical cancer

papaya and cervical cancer

Being a rich source of rich source of beta-cryptoxanthin, Papaya has been known for fighting persistent HPV infection. But additionally, it also helps in reducing your risks of cervical cancer. Some lesions and infections are known to cause cancer in women. Papaya consumption on a regular basis, both ripe and unripe helps in fighting off that infection. As a result, women eating the same on a regular basis are less prone to getting cervical cancer as compared to women who don’t eat papaya.


Image source

weight loss


cervical cancer

regulate period


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