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Amazing home remedies using jaggery for women

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pregnancy health

For centuries, Jaggery has been promoted as a winter food that provides warmth for the body and is a crucial part of the diet in northern India. The natural sweetness of this food makes it a healthier version of curbing your cravings for dessert. And it also comes with a long list of health benefits-


Prevents Anemia and enhances fertility 


Jaggery is laden with minerals, especially iron, which is one of the most crucial components for improving haemoglobin levels. It also contains floats that are known for regularising your blood levels. Gynaecologists suggest women who suffer from problems like irregular menses or absence of menses to include more jaggery in their diet. It can be eaten in a powdered form on breads or even in stews. You can also add jaggery to your tea instead of sugar.


Enhances metabolism and weight loss


Another crucial hindrance to fertility is obesity. Due to much fat in the body, hormones go for a toss and it also prevents the sperm from attaching itself to the eggs. Jaggery is a rich source of potassium along with other minerals that prevents water retention in the body, which is also a major cause of weight gain. It is also known for boosting your electrolyte balance in the body and enhances metabolism, which aids weight loss. Heat up some ghee or clarified butter and then add toasted sesame seeds to this along with jaggery. You can use this as a snack and eat a big ball-size scoop a day. The combination works in adding fibre to the diet along with aiding in weight loss.


Healthy during and post pregnancy

pregnancy health

As mentioned above, jaggery provides you with a boost in metabolism and red blood cells, which makes it just right for pregnancy consumption. Along with this, it also adds fibre to the body and eases constipation issues. The rich antioxidants and minerals here are an added benefit. Post pregnancy, women can drink this combined with some cumin, carom and asafoetida to get more strength and energy after birth. This combination works in receiving post-pregnancy bleeding too.

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posted Jun 3, 2016 by Daisy

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curry leaves

Curry leaves are found in all homes and you will notice their plants are abundantly found in the Indian subcontinent too. The reason for using these leaves is not only about flavour but also the secret health benefits it has. Here are some home remedies using curry leaves-


Improves digestive functions in pregnant women

pregnancy and curry leaves

Pregnant women are rather prone to problems like constipation, morning sickness and nausea - to name just a few. Because of extensive hormonal changes they are susceptible to skin break outs too. Curry leaves are the one stop solution here as they help in easing bowel movements and also control piles or haemorrhoids during this period. Additionally, the subtle flavour of the curry leaves combats nausea and regulates smoother bowel movements. You can take a spoon of ghee or clarified butter with and add some curry leaves to the same. Then use this on top of your veggies, buttermilk, etc. to enjoy the health benefits.


Fights cancer and reduces chemo side effects


Unfortunately, if you are already affected by cancer then you can increase your curry leaves intake to reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation. As per research curry leaves not only offer protection to the chromosomes from damage, they also help in preserving the bone marrow and minimise the growth of free radicals in the body. Women who suffer from uterine or breast cancer should chew on raw curry leaves. You can also boil them in water to make a tea and drink it up 2-3 times a day.


Enhances fertility levels

curry leaves for good health

A hindrance to pregnancy is obesity. This leads to an array of health problems that include diabetes, increased levels of cholesterol and even reduced flow of blood to different parts of the body. Curry leaves are a rich source of iron no doubt, but also fibre rich. The leaves help in boosting your metabolism, increase the flow of blood and aid haemoglobin production in the body. All in all this, combination helps in fighting obesity and thus enhances your fertility levels. For improving or boosting fertility and fighting obesity, you can add can just puree it and add to your favourite juices. Toasting them slightly reduces its nutrients, though it still has plenty of benefits to provide you. When toasting them, use clarified butter instead of oil for additional health benefits of the latter. 

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curry leaves

pregnancy and curry leaves


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ginger benefits

Ginger is often referred to as galangal and is one of the most popular spices found across homes in the world. It has been used in Ayurveda for ages now and includes  using the same in fresh and dried forms. So here are some cool home remedies using ginger that would be useful for treating many women-centric issues-

Morning sickness

ginger tea

Pregnancy brings a lot of joy with it - but there’s also some minor complications like morning sickness, which is more of nausea and feeling of uneasiness. Sadly this is not just restricted to morning but continues all day through for many. You can try chewing on ginger that has been mixed with some rock salt and mango powder. The combination helps in boosting your taste buds and also curbs morning sickness. It further tantalises the taste buds and makes you feel hungry too.


Enhances pregnancy health 

pregnancy health

Regular consumption of raw ginger is highly recommended for pregnant women because it helps in boosting immunity, aids digestion, reduces pregnancy related swelling and bloating (oedema) and also fights against the common cold and cough. Since you are not prescribed too many medicines during this period, try having at least cups of ginger tea through the day. Just boil a cup of water with grated ginger and some basil leaves. To this add a spoon of honey and drink up twice to enhance your immunity and get protection against common cold and cough, flu, etc.


Prevents ovarian cancer

Recent studies established a strong connection between ovarian cancer and ginger. It revealed that women who consumed ginger on the higher side were able to prevent augment of ovarian cancer. In fact, even women who had ovarian cancer were able to restrain and control the spread. For this remedy, you need to sun-dry some ginger or even get dried ginger from the market. Make it into a fine powder and have it with your tea, in salads or even on empty stomach mixed with some water.


Reduces menstrual cramps and pain

reduces cramps

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce cramps and pain during menses. It also heals other forms of muscle pain. For getting respite, you can consume ginger tea. You should have this tea a few days before getting your menses. Additionally, you can also mix dried ginger with some carom seeds and jaggery to 2-3 cups of water. Drink this warm tea twice a day.

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pregnancy health

reduces cramps

ginger tea

ovarian cancer

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A spice that is known for its sharp and pungent taste, carom seeds or Ajwain is perhaps the best friend, when it comes to the food sector for a woman. Carom seeds or ajwain are easy to consume and can be added to your food, chewed on their own or even powdered. Here are the amazing health benefits you get from the same-


Boosts lactation and reduces swelling

lactation and swelling

For centuries, women in India are given carom seed infused water everyday post delivery. It is said to boost lactation and also helps post pregnancy bleeding, which can be painful for the new mother. 1 cup of carom seeds are boiled in a litre of water. Post boiling, this water is then kept covered for about 1-2 hours. The entire lot should be consumed the same day. This helps the mother get a healthy dose of carom seeds' goodness that increase milk production.

Also, if you had a c-section, then the uterus and other organs may be inflamed post surgery for a a few days, the carom water helps in reducing this swelling and helps in neutralising your bleeding post pregnancy too.


Pregnancy indigestion and nausea


A lot of pregnant women suffer from bloating, indigestion, gas and other related digestive problems during pregnancy. Carom seeds have anti-inflammatory properties along with enzymes that boost digestion. The sharp taste not only helps in getting rid of morning sickness, but it also fights pregnancy constipation. If you are having too much of belching and burping, chew on toasted carom seeds. About a coin-sized portion is enough. You can also make a carom seed powder and mix it up with some black pepper, rock salt and mango powder and a dash of Asafoetida. Have this every morning and night to alleviate the above-mentioned symptoms.


Increases Libido


Hormonal changes, stress, etc. are major causes of lost libido. Carom seeds are known for reviving your sexual hormones and increases libido. For this remedy you have to roast some carom seeds along with ghee or clarified butter and some tamarind kernels. Once roasted, grind them up and have this with a cup of milk and spoon of honey. This will help in enhancing your sexual functions. Ideally you should consume this at night to get optimal benefits. The natural aphrodisiac helps in easing muscle tension and products hormones essential for sexual drive.

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Obesity is the accumulation of excessive fat in the body. The most common method of determining the excessive fat is BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation. BMI 30 or more are considered obese. Basically, if an individual's bodyweight is 20% higher than it should be, then that individual is considered obese.




  • You may experience breathing disorders.
  • Increased sweating and breathlessness are also signs of obesity.
  • You may feel tired and fail to cope up with daily activities.
  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke are also some of the symptoms of obesity.
  • Sometimes snoring is also a sign of obesity.
  • Heart diseases and joint diseases may also indicate obesity.
  • You may feel depressed and lose your confidence and self esteem.
  • Certain types of cancers such as uterine cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer, etc.




  • Poor diet; eating processed, oily, or fast foods, consuming sugary drinks, or eating too much is the main reason for obesity.
  • Lack of physical activity means less calorie burn and more fat accumulation.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol also contributes to obesity.
  • Some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, cushing's syndrome also cause obesity.
  • Antidepressants, medications used in controlling high blood pressure, seizures, etc., lead to obesity.
  • Psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, anger, or sadness may also disturb your bodyweight.


Home Remedies To Cure Obesity


Lemon Juice

lemon juice

  • Lemon juice improves digestion and helps in detoxification.
  • Add 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey, and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder to a glass of warm water. Drink one glass of this mixture for empty stomach and total 3 times a day.

Aloe vera


  • Aloe vera promotes metabolism, elevates energy consumption, and mobilizes unused fat in the body.
  • Take out the pulp from two fresh aloe vera leaves. Blend it along with a cup of lemon juice or water. Drink this mixture daily for at least a month. 


Curry Leaves


  • Curry leaves are a great Ayuverdic remedy for obesity.
  • Simply eat 10-12 fresh curry leaves daily. Continue this for 3-4 months to see the result.
  • Try to add curry leaves to your daily diet.




  • Diuretic properties of fennel seeds help reduce weight and cure obesity. Basically it reduces the water retention and reduces weight quickly.
  • Dry roast and grind the fennel seeds to make powder. Consume half a teaspoon of fennel seed powder with a glass of warm water. Repeat twice a day.
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coconut oil health benefits

               Image 1


The humble coconut oil is perhaps one of the most understated health and beauty products. A lot of people restrict its usage to just the hair, but in fact this nutrient rich oil is loaded with vitamin A, E and C. Additionally, it also contains Lauric Acid, which is known as an immunity booster.


Helps in getting healthy and glowing skin

for health skin

Image 2

If used directly on the skin as a massage oil, coconut oil is known for its cooling effects. So it helps in getting rid of tan, soothes the skin, replenishes the cells, gives a smooth texture, fights rashes and also blisters. Additionally, it is also known as a natural brightening agent for your skin. Those suffering from infections like candida can get respite by applying the same too. 


For baby massage and diaper rash

for diaper rash

Image 3

In babies too, coconut oil proves to be a good summer massage alternative. In particular, coconut oil is a great home remedy for diaper rash. Just apply the same on the rash or eruption-prone area 2-3 times a day to see the visible difference. Ideally, using the extra virgin coconut oil option is suggested for your little ones.


Helps fight hair fall, dryness and breakage

for hair damage

Image 4

If you suffer from the problem of dry and brittle hair, warm coconut oil therapy is the mantra to follow. Massaging hair and scalp with coconut oil is known to improve hair growth, rejuvenate the cell, enhance circulation and also provide relief from headaches. Additionally, you may add a few drops of lemon in it to get rid of dandruff too. For hair growth, boil a litre of coconut oil with a bunch of curry leaves, hibiscus flowers and some fenugreek seeds. Then let it seep and finally strain and use.


Lower cholesterol 


As compared to other oil forms, the use of coconut oil is known to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, thanks to the Lauric Acid found in the same. Consuming raw coconut oil or even using this oil for cooking helps in getting these benefits. You can have a spoon of coconut oil every day with either milk or just water. You can use it in salads too.


Manage diabetes and heart diseases

for heart disease

Image 5

Individuals who have a diet rich in coconut oil are at reduced risk of diabetes too. Unlike other oils, coconut oil doesn’t trigger of a surge in insulin levels. On the contrary, it helps in managing the same. Similarly, a recent research of the population of Pacific Island revealed that diets that include 30-60% use of coconut oil had lower risks of heart diseases. Mix one spoon of oil with either milk, water or any healthy drink of your choice.


Fights body odour

fights body odor

Image 6

Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a natural agent for fighting body odour. You can simply massage a bit of this on your underarms or even on the feet, which get rather smelly after wearing socks all day. Just wash of with warm water after 10-15 minutes. You can mix coconut oil with any other essential oil of your choice like lavender, tea tree, etc. or with a few drops of lemon juice and massage on skin.

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