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Apricot home remedies and benefits for women

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Apricot is a fruit that comes in both fresh and dried forms, making it easier to access. The goodness of the fruit comes through from both forms though. So you can access whatever you get and eat it just on its own, blended in smoothies or even pureed in desserts. Apricots are known for providing women an array of health benefits and some of the home remedies using the same. Some of them include


Regulate menstrual cycle for fertility and menopause 

apricots for menopause

Apricots are known to be rich sources of iron, especially non-heme iron that helps in boosting RBC count in the body. Basically the iron found here is easily absorbed by the body as compared to other forms. It also stays in the system for a longer time and thus reducing your risks of getting anemia. Additionally, it is also rich in vitamin C that helps in easier absorption of iron. With healthy blood count or haemoglobin levels, your periods are regularised, thus higher chances of fertility. Also, it fights many signs of menopause in the later stages with its rich nutrient content. 



Fibre rich to help you lose weight and increase chances of conception

weight loss

Obesity is one of the biggest hindrances of connection because of sedate lifestyles and unhealthy eating patterns. When you consume regular doses of apricot in the morning as a fruit or even in salads or museli, you are increasing your fibre intake, which helps in getting rid of toxins from the body. Higher fibre apricots also satiate your sweet cravings, thus keeping you fuller for a long time too. This helps fight obesity and boosts immunity, giving you a better shot at conception.


High potassium level prevents pregnancy preeclampsia

pregnancy and apricots

High potassium levels are known for balancing the blood pressure in the body. In combination with salt and sodium, this helps to regulate water levels within and between cells. With stabilised blood pressure, pregnancy disease risks like preeclampsia are reduced drastically. 


Fights uterine cancer

apricots for cancer

Uterine cancer risks may be reduced by consumption of regular apricots. Women who eat more of apricots in their diet are known to have reduced risks of cancer because apricots kill free radicals that are known for attacking your DNA. Kernels or seeds found in the apricots have natural fibres that are known for restricting and preventing the malicious growth of cancer around the uterine area. You can dry these kernels in the sun and powder them. Consume a spoon a daily.

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apricots for cancer


weight loss

posted Jun 1, 2016 by Kiran

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Tofu - before you sneer up your nose and complain about all the things that you cannot do with it, read through this amazing list of home remedies and benefits it has, especially for women. In particular, vegan and vegetarian women should be thinking about having more of tofu in their diets. And just spice things up for additional benefits! Here’s how-


High protein content

tofu and protein

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Be it for muscle building, healthy cell function or almost anything else that you can think of. If you are trying to lose weight and build muscles, then make tofu a part of your meal. Women tend to lose muscles faster than men. This means quicker weight gain and heavier structures, which gives rise to health problems and obesity. Protein helps in building faster muscles for women, which aids in reducing fat - a common cause for uterine disorders and early menopause.


Get stronger bones

get stronger bones

Post pregnancy and during the phase of menopause, women tend to lose out drastically on their overall calcium deposits. This leads to weaker bones and increased risk of arthritis and other bone related disorders.Tofu has about 10 grams of protein per cup, which includes a high doze of calcium and iron. It is this combination that is quickly absorbed by the body and hence goes straight to your bones. With fewer calories and more of calcium you hit your weight goal and reduce risks of these diseases. 


Fight breast cancer

breast cancer

Until a few decades back tofu was not recommended for women suffering with breast cancer. On the contrary it was assumed that women who have breast cancer story should avoid the same. But research by the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study reveals the opposite. Tofu and soy reduce your risks of breast cancer. So think of tofu in pure forms or even as cheese. 


Reduces menopause symptoms

reduce menopause symptoms

If you are suffering from hot flashes, tend to get mood swings and also have a temper going in all directions, do make tofu a part of your everyday diet. Even one bowl mixed with other veggies or soy milk works here. There are fluctuations in the woman's oestrogen levels as they are hitting menopause. The nutrient rich Tofu contains natural ingredients and elements that helps in striking the right balance of the same, thus alleviating these symptoms. 

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strong bones

breast cancer




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pcos home remedies


PCOS is a condition where the body experiences low grade-inflammation and the same leads to insulin resistance. As a side effect of this resistance, you suffer from issues like excessive facial hair, growth of hair on the body, menstrual bleeding that is painful along with clotting followed with an array of other problems. Hence it is vital to exercise caution and implement measures that help you in getting rid of the same. Since the underlying cause of this illness is not determined, home remedies for PCOS are a safe alternative as compared to contemporary medications.


cimammon for pcos

This spice is known to aid in fertility along with clearing many symptoms associated with PCOS. It helps to reduce swelling and inflammation and also regulates your menstrual cycle. You can add a dash of cinnamon to warm milk before going to bed. Along with this, increasing your intake of cinnamon in your daily diet is suggested as a measure for improving overall reproductive health.

Spearmint Tea

spearmint tea for pcos

Spearmint is known to reduce symptoms of PCOS by alleviating pain, regulating your menstrual cycle and cleansing the internal organs of the body. For making this remedy, you have to boil a handful of spearmint leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer for a few minutes, then strain the same and add honey to it. Drink this twice a day to get benefits from the symptoms of PCOS.

Fish Oil

fish oil

Though vegetarians don’t have fish, there are natural fish oil capsules available in the market. For those who eat fish, the good news is that the fish oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Not only will it help in reducing your insulin insensitivity, it is also known for fighting off the excessive androgen levels in the body. You can have either 1-2 capsules of the same on a daily basis or even increase your fish intake on the whole.

Exercise and Yoga

yoga for pcos

Though underlying causes of PCOS is not known, one of the best home remedies for the same is exercise and yoga. Especially yoga poses like bow pose, boat pose, warrior pose, etc. help in strengthening the core muscles of the body. As a result, your uterus too is able to flush out toxins and get rid of many other symptoms associated with the same. Also, since they aid in weight loss, your chances at fertility are better with this home remedy for PCOS.

Drink 10-12 Glasses of Water

drink water for pcos

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water is often referred to the best hydration therapy for treating many ailments. The more water you drink, the more your body is able to flush out from its system. This in turn helps in getting rid of impurities and toxins from within and helps in regulating your insulin levels. Water is also known for balancing hormonal levels gently.

Diet Changes

Like all other home remedies, diet change remains to be a vital part of the entire process of getting rid of PCOS associated symptoms gently. As a rule of thumb, increase your protein intake - think lentils, oats, eggs, lean meats, etc. Soy products in particular are very helpful because they contain a drug named Clomid, which again regulates your menstrual cycle. DIM or Diindolymethane found in green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. balances your hormones so add more of these to your diet. Also, being high on fibres, consuming these vegetable ensures that your digestive organs are functioning properly, which in turn boosts overall body functions.

With these simple home remedies for PCOS, you will be able to get rid of the painful and traumatic symptoms associated with it.

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Main- vbhealth

yoga and exercise - bitchetarian

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water melon

Water melon is a fruit that benefits women not only from its sweet and delicious pulp, but additionally the peel or the outer layer of the fruit along with the seeds are used in a variety of home remedies too. 


Enhance blood count

water melon rind

The rind of the watermelon is known to have more of the blood building chlorophyll along with being rich in amino acid citrulline. The high amount of chlorophyll in the rind means that women with poor haemoglobin levels or those suffering from anaemia are able to benefit with the same. You can use the pale white part of the rind and eat it raw, though it is a little tasteless. In some cultures, it is also used as a vegetable form and cooked.


Boost fertility levels

stroke and diabetes

One of the core ingredients in water melon is the lycopene. It contains many kinds of antioxidants and carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, which are known for boosting fertile health and also for fighting obesity. With ageing, women are more prone to diabetes due to fat deposits. This lycopene fights the same and reduces obesity risks and menstrual problems associated with the same. Just consume water melon in its natural forms or drink up a glass of juice daily.


Reduces cancer and tumour risk

cancer risk and water melon

Lycopene is also known to reduce risks of ovarian cancer and breast cancer in women with its potent antioxidant properties. Both these cancer forms are risked to menopause. In fact, a study revealed that lycopene helps in fighting tumours around the breast and uterine area, which is one of the core or early warning signs of cancer.


Helps manage menopause

water melon seeds

As women progress to the menopausal stage, there is a significant decrease in bone density, haemoglobin levels and even hormonal fluctuations. Hence, eating right becomes essential. Water melon contains citrulline and arginine that helps in managing your blood pressure and cardiac stress. Additionally the seeds of the water melon are rich in minerals and nutrients like magnesium and potassium. You can toast the same and consume it in salads or even as delicious and crunchy snack. Watermelon also reduces inflammation caused due to arthritis, which a lot of women are affected from. 


Boosts sexual health

sexual health

There is a component in water melon that is called L-arginine, which is known for stimulating your libido. It helps in pumping up supply of the blood to different parts of the bodies and helps in balancing hormones. With enhanced sexuality and improved uterine health, your fertility health is boosted too.


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water melon

water melon rind

water melon seeds

cancer risks

diabetes and stroke

sexual health


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Women are often burdened with everyday tasks and homemaking duties, restricting their intake of healthy food. Adding flaxseed to your diet is highly recommended because of the many benefits it provides. Here are some of the home remedies using these-

Prevents breast and uterine cancer risk

cancer and flax seeds

High concentration of lignans (useful chemical compounds in plants) found in flaxseeds are known to prevent both uterine and breast cancer. Women who consume at least 1-2 spoons of flaxseeds are known to have lower risks of breast cancer as compared to women who don’t. With the high concentration of these elements, there is a reduced risks of both tumors and cancer.

Improves fertility

One of the biggest hurdle in fertility is obesity. It has been noted that women tend to suffer from an array of diseases, especially irregular menstrual cycles, increased blood pressure, etc. which are a hindrance when trying to conceive and also in carrying out pregnancies successfully. Flax seeds are known for lowering cholesterol in the body and also boosting metabolism, which helps in managing weight. Also, flax seeds have a tendency to expand when consumed, which keeps you fuller for longer, thus reducing appetite and helps fight obesity.

Improves pregnancy health 

pregnancy and flaxseeds

During pregnancy, constipation is one of the biggest problems that women face. This happens because the body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes. There are soluble fibers found in the flax seed that are known for getting rid of constipation during pregnancy. Pregnant women can just have a small spoon of flaxseeds every morning to ensure smoother bowel movements. Also, women also suffer from bone loss issues post pregnancy. The consumption of flaxseeds helps prevent this bone loss with high fatty acid concentration. Thus keeping you healthier during and post pregnancy too. Furthermore, it also keeps many pregnancy diseases problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia at bay. But make sure you have the same just once a day.

Image source:

pregnancy and flaxseeds


cancer and flaxseeds

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A spice that is known for its sharp and pungent taste, carom seeds or Ajwain is perhaps the best friend, when it comes to the food sector for a woman. Carom seeds or ajwain are easy to consume and can be added to your food, chewed on their own or even powdered. Here are the amazing health benefits you get from the same-


Boosts lactation and reduces swelling

lactation and swelling

For centuries, women in India are given carom seed infused water everyday post delivery. It is said to boost lactation and also helps post pregnancy bleeding, which can be painful for the new mother. 1 cup of carom seeds are boiled in a litre of water. Post boiling, this water is then kept covered for about 1-2 hours. The entire lot should be consumed the same day. This helps the mother get a healthy dose of carom seeds' goodness that increase milk production.

Also, if you had a c-section, then the uterus and other organs may be inflamed post surgery for a a few days, the carom water helps in reducing this swelling and helps in neutralising your bleeding post pregnancy too.


Pregnancy indigestion and nausea


A lot of pregnant women suffer from bloating, indigestion, gas and other related digestive problems during pregnancy. Carom seeds have anti-inflammatory properties along with enzymes that boost digestion. The sharp taste not only helps in getting rid of morning sickness, but it also fights pregnancy constipation. If you are having too much of belching and burping, chew on toasted carom seeds. About a coin-sized portion is enough. You can also make a carom seed powder and mix it up with some black pepper, rock salt and mango powder and a dash of Asafoetida. Have this every morning and night to alleviate the above-mentioned symptoms.


Increases Libido


Hormonal changes, stress, etc. are major causes of lost libido. Carom seeds are known for reviving your sexual hormones and increases libido. For this remedy you have to roast some carom seeds along with ghee or clarified butter and some tamarind kernels. Once roasted, grind them up and have this with a cup of milk and spoon of honey. This will help in enhancing your sexual functions. Ideally you should consume this at night to get optimal benefits. The natural aphrodisiac helps in easing muscle tension and products hormones essential for sexual drive.

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