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Flaxseeds and the many home remedies it serves

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Women are often burdened with everyday tasks and homemaking duties, restricting their intake of healthy food. Adding flaxseed to your diet is highly recommended because of the many benefits it provides. Here are some of the home remedies using these-

Prevents breast and uterine cancer risk

cancer and flax seeds

High concentration of lignans (useful chemical compounds in plants) found in flaxseeds are known to prevent both uterine and breast cancer. Women who consume at least 1-2 spoons of flaxseeds are known to have lower risks of breast cancer as compared to women who don’t. With the high concentration of these elements, there is a reduced risks of both tumors and cancer.

Improves fertility

One of the biggest hurdle in fertility is obesity. It has been noted that women tend to suffer from an array of diseases, especially irregular menstrual cycles, increased blood pressure, etc. which are a hindrance when trying to conceive and also in carrying out pregnancies successfully. Flax seeds are known for lowering cholesterol in the body and also boosting metabolism, which helps in managing weight. Also, flax seeds have a tendency to expand when consumed, which keeps you fuller for longer, thus reducing appetite and helps fight obesity.

Improves pregnancy health 

pregnancy and flaxseeds

During pregnancy, constipation is one of the biggest problems that women face. This happens because the body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes. There are soluble fibers found in the flax seed that are known for getting rid of constipation during pregnancy. Pregnant women can just have a small spoon of flaxseeds every morning to ensure smoother bowel movements. Also, women also suffer from bone loss issues post pregnancy. The consumption of flaxseeds helps prevent this bone loss with high fatty acid concentration. Thus keeping you healthier during and post pregnancy too. Furthermore, it also keeps many pregnancy diseases problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia at bay. But make sure you have the same just once a day.

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pregnancy and flaxseeds


cancer and flaxseeds

posted May 30, 2016 by Shahid R

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You kickstart your day with a cuppa of this for getting an energy boost, but little do you know that coffee also offers an array of benefits. Do remember that excessive coffee in fact is never good. But when consumed in black forms, with very little milk and sugar, you can benefit tremendously- 


Fights signs of infertility

fertility and coffee

2 cups of coffee (overindulgence can be counter productive) is a little drink that can actually enhance your overall health. Basically coffee is known for fighting depression, reduces stress and it is also suggested for weight management when consumed in its sugar free forms. In fact, being rich in magnesiums and potassium, it helps in balancing insulin and breaks down cell fat, which otherwise cause infertility issues. With the added energy and happier feeling, you are likely to conceive faster.


Fights some forms of cancer

cancer and coffee

Uterine and breast cancer risks can be reduced by drinking coffee on a regular basis. It has been seen that coffee is also rich in antioxidants that are known for fighting off common causes of breast and uterine cancer. In particular, the happy and less stressed feeling that one experiences post drinking coffee is known for boosting immunity too. It is also known to fight signs of skin cancer.


Fights postpartum depression

depression and coffee

A lot of women undergo postpartum depression, which is very common after women give birth. During this time, women undergo a lot of fluctuations in their hormonal levels. As a result of this, depression may occur on a temporary basis. Coffee contains a variety of neuro transmitters that include serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. Drinking two cups of coffee during this period helps in fighting this form of depression. Women can also opt for decaf during this period. It also provides energy to the mother and reduces physical exertion.

Image source


coffee and fertility

cancer and coffee


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bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is not a vegetable that most women are happy seeing on their plates. Some consume it more out of compulsion rather than choice but if you read about the amazing benefits that this little vegetable gives you, it would certainly change your mind. 


Bitter Gourd Juice

bitter gourd juice

The humble bitter gourd can be turned into a simple green juice by mixing together cucumbers, green apples, celery, etc. Then just add some ginger and lime and churn in a mixer. This juice should be consumed on an empty stomach everyday because-


  • It helps in absorption of sugar for diabetic women. Excess sugar in the body because of AMP-activated protein kinase in the cells is a common problem. But bitter gourd comprises of agents that add like insulin and reduce the blood sugar levels.


  • Furthermore, bitter gourd juice is also recommended for fighting and preventing cancer in women, like uterine cancer and breast cancer. There are are lot of antioxidant properties in the bitter gourd, which helps fight free radicals that cause cancer. 


For acne and clear skin

bitter gourd clear skin

It also works as a quick laxative agent by cleaning and detoxifying the system. You get rid of impurities in the skin by having more of bitter gourd in the diet. Women coming close to menopause or experiencing changes due to hormones can add it to your soups or even have the above-mentioned juice. The bitter gourd cleanses and purifies the system, which in turn helps in getting rid of issues like acne, pimples, constipation and regularises body functions.  


Fresh bitter gourd pods for asthma and respiratory problems


The fresh bitter gourd pods are not as bitter and they are ideal for women who suffer from asthma or related respiratory issues. One can just take the juice of the pod and mix it up with some basil juice and honey too. Consume this on an empty stomach everyday. 


As a liver tonic

liver tonic

Blanch some bitter gourd pods or vegetable in water and then puree the same. With age, women tend to have more of liver problems due to lack of care. But this simple tonic is easy to make. For additional benefits, add some honey to the same along with ginger. 


For losing weight

lose weight bitter gourd

Don’t just think that the crispy bitter gourd fries are going to aid you in weight loss. Think about having this vegetable in juice and soup forms as it contains more of water. Also, it keeps you fuller for longer and is ideal for flushing out fat from the body. So drink up the same everyday. 


Image source


bitter gourd juice

liver tonic

weight loss

clear skin

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guava and cancer

Guava is probably one of the most underestimated fruits around considering that apples are promoted for keeping the doctor away. But you would be amazed to know that for women, guava in fact has many more health benefits than other fruits. And not only is it available all year round, it is a budget friendly fruit for you too-


Fights pregnancy constipation and boosts fetal health

pregnancy and guava

Being fibre-rich, especially the seeds of the guava are suggested for pregnant women. It has been seen that guava aids digestive health and provides you with fibres that prevent risks of constipation during pregnancy. One guava a day takes care of 12% of your fibre needs. Along with this, guava is also very rich in folic acid along with vitamin B-9. This is suggested for pregnant women as it helps to develop the baby’s nervous system. It also gives the baby protection against a range of neurological disorders.


Increases fertility

weight loss

One of the crucial components in guava includes magnesium, which is highly recommended as a natural stress buster. With anxiety and stress levels leading to infertility levels. You can consume one guava a day as a smoothie with yogurt or even on its own. With added nutrients and iron, it provides other benefits. Furthermore, being rich in fibres, it is known to reduce your weight and obesity levels too. The roughage found in this fruit helps you stay fuller for a longer time, thus reducing food cravings. Thus it fights obesity and helps you maintain healthier weight and BMI, which is essential for fertility.


Lowers risk of breast cancer

breast cancer

Anti-cancer tumour properties of the guava are not restricted to just breast cancer, but it has been known to minimise risks of breast cancer. There are several compounds found in guava that have anti-cancer benefits. These include lycopene, quercitin, vitamin C and along with a range of polyphenols that work as potent antioxidants. It helps in neutralising free radicals and fights them too, which reduces the risk of cancerous growth. In particular, the peel of the guava fruit is consumed, which contains the deepest layers of these nutrients. Along with breast cancer, guava is also known to treat skin, colon and lungs cancer. It has many antioxidants that prevent formation of cancerous tumours. Along with a rich dose of vitamins, it also has flavonoids, beta-carotene, lutein and cryptoxanthin that combine to prevent spread of breast cancer, in women who are already affected.

Image source


breast cancer

weight loss


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green tea main


There was a time when green tea was unheard of. But now you can find green tea in any corner of the world. You can consume it in warm or regular tea forms, have it as a iced drink and even use it for cooking your favorite meats and desserts. The green tea is known for benefiting women in more than one ways, especially against deadly diseases like cancer.


Minimize breast cancer risk

Breast cancer risks

Over the years researches have shown that polyphenols found green tea actually helps in killing the cancer cells, especially of breast cancer. A recent study of 472 women suffering from breast cancer revealed that women who consumed more of green tea, at least 3 cups a day, were able to curtail the disease. Women drinking 5 cups of tea during early stages of breast cancer were able to cure the disease completely, combined with other therapies. A similar study in women revealed that even uterine cancer could be cured and restricted by healthier consumption of green tea.


Green tea contains EGCC, which is known for inhibiting the production of urokinase. Urokinase is an enzyme that all kinds of cancer cells require for growing. Green tea further helps in stimulating programmed cell death procedures that is also known as apoptosis, in cancer cells.


Fights UTI

green tea

UTI causes and symptoms may vary and often not be understood, but those who suffer from recurrent problem of the same should consume at least 2-3 cups of green tea. Not only will it help in clearing the urinary tract and get rid of the infection completely, it is also known for reducing the swelling of the bladder, which further triggers off infection. As a result, even the chronic forms of UTI can be healed. Women who consumed green tea on a regular basis had 40% lower chance of getting a repeat as compared to those who didn’t.


For healthier pregnancy and fertility

pregnancy and green tea

Drinking green tea is considered as safe for all times, even when you are trying to conceive and during pregnancy. It reduces stress and depression, while boosting your overall health. Furthermore, green tea aids in weight loss and fights obesity. Being good for your uterine health it enhances your chances of conception. And you can sip away the same during your pregnancy too.

Image source




breast cancer

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Apricot is a fruit that comes in both fresh and dried forms, making it easier to access. The goodness of the fruit comes through from both forms though. So you can access whatever you get and eat it just on its own, blended in smoothies or even pureed in desserts. Apricots are known for providing women an array of health benefits and some of the home remedies using the same. Some of them include


Regulate menstrual cycle for fertility and menopause 

apricots for menopause

Apricots are known to be rich sources of iron, especially non-heme iron that helps in boosting RBC count in the body. Basically the iron found here is easily absorbed by the body as compared to other forms. It also stays in the system for a longer time and thus reducing your risks of getting anemia. Additionally, it is also rich in vitamin C that helps in easier absorption of iron. With healthy blood count or haemoglobin levels, your periods are regularised, thus higher chances of fertility. Also, it fights many signs of menopause in the later stages with its rich nutrient content. 



Fibre rich to help you lose weight and increase chances of conception

weight loss

Obesity is one of the biggest hindrances of connection because of sedate lifestyles and unhealthy eating patterns. When you consume regular doses of apricot in the morning as a fruit or even in salads or museli, you are increasing your fibre intake, which helps in getting rid of toxins from the body. Higher fibre apricots also satiate your sweet cravings, thus keeping you fuller for a long time too. This helps fight obesity and boosts immunity, giving you a better shot at conception.


High potassium level prevents pregnancy preeclampsia

pregnancy and apricots

High potassium levels are known for balancing the blood pressure in the body. In combination with salt and sodium, this helps to regulate water levels within and between cells. With stabilised blood pressure, pregnancy disease risks like preeclampsia are reduced drastically. 


Fights uterine cancer

apricots for cancer

Uterine cancer risks may be reduced by consumption of regular apricots. Women who eat more of apricots in their diet are known to have reduced risks of cancer because apricots kill free radicals that are known for attacking your DNA. Kernels or seeds found in the apricots have natural fibres that are known for restricting and preventing the malicious growth of cancer around the uterine area. You can dry these kernels in the sun and powder them. Consume a spoon a daily.

Image source



apricots for cancer


weight loss

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