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How do I tackle the costs of fertility treatments, given they are expensive to a large extent?

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posted May 9, 2016 by Daisy

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1 Answer

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There is no doubt that any kind of infertility treatment makes you break the bank. Yes they are expensive to a large extent and this means that you need to sort out your priorities and work out a budget on the kind of treatment you want or can afford. Infertility treatments range from IVF to paying the cost of a surrogate mother.

The first thing to do here is getting an insurance at an early age. These days, many insurance companies offer lucrative health plans for both men and women. In particular, the health plans for women are comprehensive when it comes to fertility. You can get a wider insight here -

But what you should remember is that the earlier you plan on a pregnancy the more you can save on infertility treatment. Most insurance companies make it mandatory to have insurance for at least two years before you conceive. So starting early sure matters!

Once you discover that either your partner or you have some fertility issue, try and work out the budget treatment from the doctor. Knowing your approximate cost of treatment (rather include 10-20% additional for safety sake) can help you plan a budget. Here’s what you can do-

  • Start saving more and spending less to save up on your monthly
  • There are some infertility clinics that have an option to pay for
    total costs in instalments. This takes some burden off financially.
  • Also, compare prices for such treatments on the basis of credibility,
    reputation of clinic and other relevant factors. You would rather
    have one shot at a reputed clinic to get pregnant then wasting many
    tries at clinics, which don’t are not credible.

And lastly, do remember that your costs would shoot up once the baby comes. So plan ahead.

answer May 9, 2016 by Shahid R