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Are there any case studies conducted which show the effectiveness of acupuncture on infertility?

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posted May 2, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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There exist a lot of research and case studies pertaining to the effect of Acupuncture on fertility. Most of the studies were performed to test the efficacy of In Vitro Fertilization on the patients trying to conceive. Few of the famous ones published in the ScienceDirect journal are:

-- Acupuncture performed just before Embryo Transfer(ET) - Two groups of 80 women each were made. One of which was to undergo Acupuncture and the other one which wouldn't undergo any other treatment than IVF, no Acupuncture (called 'Control' in medical terms). The results suggested that the patients who underwent Acupuncture for 25 minutes just before the Embryo Transfer had 42.5% clinical pregnancy success results, as against the Control group which had 26.3%. Thus it was evident that Acupuncture is effective in enhancing the pregnancy rate for patients undergoing ARTs

-- Acupuncture performed before ET and 2 days after ET - This time there were 3 groups formed. One undergoing Acupuncture only on the day of Embryo Transfer, other undergoing Acupuncture on the day of Embryo Transfer and 2 days after ET and the last one, 'Control' which was not subjected to Acupuncture. The results for the first group who underwent therapy on the day of ET showed significant increase in the success rate compared to the control group. However, the group which underwent ET on the day of transfer and 2 days after ET didn't show considerable difference.

-- Acupuncture and its effect on anxiety rates - Two groups, one undergoing Acupuncture and other control. The one undergoing therapy was subjected to 25 minutes Acupuncture before ET and control didn't undergo any Acupuncture therapy. After ET both groups were given a questionnaire on Anxiety and Optimism. The group which underwent therapy was more relaxed after the therapy and anticipated a positive result compared to the Control group.

Thus, Acupuncture gives a promising approach in conjugation with IVF to get better results out of infertility treatments.

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answer May 3, 2016 by Joseph