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Factors Affecting the Quality of Stenter

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In the process of heat setting, the final shape quality is mainly affected by three factors, these three factors is the time, temperature and tension. It can be seen that time is an important process condition in the work of the tenter setting machine. So, do you know why the stereotypes will have such a big impact on the quality of the stereotypes of the tenter?

Here we will answer this question for everyone. In the process of shaping, we usually refer to the stereotypes can be divided into three stages. In the first stage, the time required to heat the fabric surface to the molding temperature after the fabric enters the heating zone becomes the heating time. The time required to reach the same heat-permeable state of the fibers of each part of the fabric after the styling temperature of the tenter setting machine is referred to as the heat-permeation time.

And the third stage is the time required for the molecules within the fiber to adjust under the current conditions after the fabric reaches the set temperature, which is called the molecular adjustment time. The total time required for these three phases is what we call stereotypes using stereotypes stereotypes.

It is important to note that cooling is also required after the fabric is subjected to the shaping process, and cooling also takes some time. The time required to fix the size of the fabric in general is called the cooling time. However, the timing of the above-mentioned tenter setting machine does not include the cooling time.

The length of time required during the heating and heat infiltration stages is generally determined by factors such as the performance of the heat source, the weight per unit area of the fabric, the thermal conductivity of the fabric, and the moisture content of the fabric. In short, in the stereotypes stereotypes processing, we need a reasonable grasp of the required time to determine the quality of the fabric.

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posted Feb 6 by Licheng Stenter

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Before starting the Hot Air Stenter Machine , check whether the mechanical, electrical, instrument and safety protection devices are in good condition. Set the temperature according to the process requirements, and then turn on the circulation fan. The vehicle speed is 15m/min during the heating period, and the temperature can be reached before reaching the set temperature. After meeting the requirements of the cloth, open the active brush wheel, press the cloth on the needle plate, try to make both sides flush, and at the same time put down the passive brush wheel and tighten the fabric. When starting the host, you should first ring the bell to inform the rear operator. When you put it to the rear of the car, you should wear the cloth at the fastest speed and tighten the fabric. The rear personnel should cooperate with each other.


The safety cover of the machine should be in good condition to prevent the card clothing from hanging around the sleeves, and also avoid the chain breaks and fly out and hurt people.

It is reliable and useful to pull the emergency stop switch and the cloth feed safety of the rolling rope. When the cloth is put into operation, it must be stopped. Roll up the upper roll and never neglect it.

The grey cloth must be seamed and not tied, so as not to damage the rubber roller and cause an accident.

Before the hot air stenter stops, the temperature should be reported to the hot-loaded heat transfer furnace. Then stop the circulating fan operation, open the door to cool down, and run the main engine and the top exhaust fan separately, and the temperature can be reduced to 80 °C before stopping, which can avoid uneven heating of the chain clothing.

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