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Which are the top Apps for Home Remedies?

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posted Apr 20, 2016 by Joseph

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2 Answers

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Home remedies have come handy in helping us replacing over the counter drugs and providing relief. With zero side effects (except in case of allergies patients have to any particular edible entity) and no stress on the kidney for excreting the chemicals out of the body, home remedies do come across as a boon. With various apps available for easy access, these are even easier to refer to and use, in today's world.

Listed below are some of the famous and useful apps on home remedies:

Home remedies+ Natural Cures

enter image description here
- Complete guide for all simple ailments
- Solutions which are simple to prepare and have no side effects
- Whatsapp sharing features
- Blog option
- Available in lighter version - 'Herbal Remedies Lite' which consumes lesser space on your phone.

With over 13,000 downloads and rated 4.3 on Android, it is available for download here.

Doctor At Home

enter image description here

  • Remedies for common diseases
  • Diseases and remedies are represented with pictures, thus easily comprehensible
  • Easy to use
  • Sharing on Facebook, email or message available

With over 1.6k downloads and rated 4.1 on android app store, it is available for download here.

Home Remedies - Natural Cure

enter image description here

  • Easy, quick guide to all simple ailments which are not life threatening
  • Allied with a community, to answer your queries
  • Get a simple hack/tip of the day as soon as you login

With over 1.5k downloads and rated 4.2 on Android, it is available for download here.

101 Natural Home Remedies Cure

enter image description here

  • Simply handbook-guide to heal minor ailments
  • A list of remedies available for every single ailment

With 1.2k downloads and rated 4.2 on android, it is available for download here.

answer Apr 20, 2016 by Daisy
0 votes
answer Apr 20, 2016 by Daisy