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Can you Meditate all day?

+2 votes
posted Sep 12, 2019 by Aleena Alexander

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1 Answer

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It’s hard to say without actually meeting the person, does she just dwell in attachment, escaping to pleasant feelings, or she concentrates on practice, trying to find her original nature.

There was time in my life I gave up university, job and family, and concentrated on meditation. That lasted many months, but eventually it resulted in a major change in my life.

Similarly, many practitioners, including Gautama Buddha, concentrated on meditative practice during years.

Sometimes it’s necessary, in order to break through. So putting aside everything, even family, can be quite normal. When all the concerns are dropped, all the efforts are concentrated, then the path can become cleaner, with less distractions.

I recall some Tibetan Teacher said that a time comes when, for good development of shamatha (calmness), a practitioner needs to go to a retreat for at least 6 months.

Thus I wouldn’t judge like “you need balance”, “you have to care about family”…

If a person finds real happiness, awakens to the reality, that’s the highest reward. That opens true realization of our abilities and our purpose, without obstacles of delusions.

So I don’t know what really goes on with the person I don’t see, but it can be very very fortunate if she practices well and focused — that might result in receiving an immense gift.

I wish everybody swift awakening — to live real, natural life, in accordance with the depth of the heart, for the benefit of all beings.

answer Sep 13, 2019 by Archana.s