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Can we drink water before doing surya namaskar?

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posted Sep 3, 2019 by M.r.suji Raga Priya

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1 Answer

0 votes

Surya namaskar is best known yoga asana which is a collection of 12 poses.some precautions which should be taken before Surya namaskar steps are:

1.practice it empty stomach.or after 2–3 hours after having food.

2.its better to do warm ups before starting surya namaskar.

3.must do it gently while moving from one pose to Other,must not do it with jerks .

4 in all the poses of surya namaskar be aware of your breath.because yoga means union of body ,mind,and breath. time is to do early morning facing east .in evening time face towards west.

6.after completing the rounds always rest in shavasana.

7.there are some contraindications for surya namaskar :

answer Sep 4, 2019 by N.yogetha