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Now allied with Home remedies app!

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The ancient knowledge of using household food items which include spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs has been invaluable in the current day to day scenario. With over the counter drugs bringing with them not just the quick cure but also side effects in long run, the incorporation of home remedies to cure common ailments and (in few of the cases) some chronic diseases prove promising. 

We are now allied with one such app called 'Home Remedies' By Mango Technologies which gives a guide to various quick fixes available handy at your home, which in turn can bring in a notable difference in your health and curbing ailments. The app also has a separate section on sexual health, where various topics are dealt and solutions provided. 

You can download the app here.

You can write your queries to us on this communityTwitter and Facebook.

posted Apr 14, 2016 by anonymous

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coconut oil health benefits

               Image 1


The humble coconut oil is perhaps one of the most understated health and beauty products. A lot of people restrict its usage to just the hair, but in fact this nutrient rich oil is loaded with vitamin A, E and C. Additionally, it also contains Lauric Acid, which is known as an immunity booster.


Helps in getting healthy and glowing skin

for health skin

Image 2

If used directly on the skin as a massage oil, coconut oil is known for its cooling effects. So it helps in getting rid of tan, soothes the skin, replenishes the cells, gives a smooth texture, fights rashes and also blisters. Additionally, it is also known as a natural brightening agent for your skin. Those suffering from infections like candida can get respite by applying the same too. 


For baby massage and diaper rash

for diaper rash

Image 3

In babies too, coconut oil proves to be a good summer massage alternative. In particular, coconut oil is a great home remedy for diaper rash. Just apply the same on the rash or eruption-prone area 2-3 times a day to see the visible difference. Ideally, using the extra virgin coconut oil option is suggested for your little ones.


Helps fight hair fall, dryness and breakage

for hair damage

Image 4

If you suffer from the problem of dry and brittle hair, warm coconut oil therapy is the mantra to follow. Massaging hair and scalp with coconut oil is known to improve hair growth, rejuvenate the cell, enhance circulation and also provide relief from headaches. Additionally, you may add a few drops of lemon in it to get rid of dandruff too. For hair growth, boil a litre of coconut oil with a bunch of curry leaves, hibiscus flowers and some fenugreek seeds. Then let it seep and finally strain and use.


Lower cholesterol 


As compared to other oil forms, the use of coconut oil is known to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, thanks to the Lauric Acid found in the same. Consuming raw coconut oil or even using this oil for cooking helps in getting these benefits. You can have a spoon of coconut oil every day with either milk or just water. You can use it in salads too.


Manage diabetes and heart diseases

for heart disease

Image 5

Individuals who have a diet rich in coconut oil are at reduced risk of diabetes too. Unlike other oils, coconut oil doesn’t trigger of a surge in insulin levels. On the contrary, it helps in managing the same. Similarly, a recent research of the population of Pacific Island revealed that diets that include 30-60% use of coconut oil had lower risks of heart diseases. Mix one spoon of oil with either milk, water or any healthy drink of your choice.


Fights body odour

fights body odor

Image 6

Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a natural agent for fighting body odour. You can simply massage a bit of this on your underarms or even on the feet, which get rather smelly after wearing socks all day. Just wash of with warm water after 10-15 minutes. You can mix coconut oil with any other essential oil of your choice like lavender, tea tree, etc. or with a few drops of lemon juice and massage on skin.

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