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Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when Meditating?

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posted Aug 27, 2019 by Nikitha S Prasad

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1 Answer

0 votes
  • Meditation before sleep sometimes decreases sleep quality, doubly so if combined with breathing exercises. (This sounds counterintuitive because both feel calming.) The only exception I do is: OM humming before sleep. This makes me sleep even if stressed.
  • Beginners often aggressively fight distracting thoughts and thus really lose track by being upset about them. Gently accept them and just let those thoughts go.
  • Don’t waste too much time AND do not hurry. Thus, fully take the time needed, but more is not better. Initially, I needed 10–15 min to get into Zen, but with years of practice, all my favourite meditations (see below) work literally in a few minutes to get the same full effect. The trick for effectiveness is not hurrying but experimenting. Eventually I learned to “drop” myself into meditation in seconds. This is possible. Life is not for meditation but meditation is for life. One can become crazily effective :)
  • Follow not one school of teaching. Usual advice is “choose a good master and follow”. I found openmindedness and viewing things from different angles the best. An experience highly broadening the horizon is to attend classes / read books from different masters, schools and even religions, even in parallel. It will stir thought. Turn those thoughts into dozens of questions!
answer Aug 29, 2019 by Aleena Alexander