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What are the physical & psychological prerequisites for awakening of Kundalini? What are its benefits?

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posted Aug 27, 2019 by Mahendra.h.s

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1 Answer

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As an exponent of Kundalini Yoga and Single Case Study Subject of research design titled, “Physiology of Kundalini Yoga Power Spectrum Analysis of Electroencephalogram”, which was awarded Ph.D. Degree by the University of Madras in 2001, I am fully convinced that the minimum prerequisite for Kundalini activation, awakening, ascension, and Kundalini Yoga is the attainment of the perfect and even state of the mind called Samadhi.

Without the strong foundation of the eight limbs of Patanjali Yogasutras, the premature, accidental, and forced activation, awakening, and ascension of Kundalini can lead to many psychosomatic disorders called Kundalini Syndromes.

For optimum utilization of human birth, life, breath, senses, mind, consciousness, and brain, let us first comprehend the science of Tantra Vidya.

Tantra is derived from Sanskrit root, Tan, which means the human body, and Shashtra, which means the knowledge.

Hence, Tantra means the gross and subtle wisdom of the perfect adult human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and psychology.

Tantra Vidya is the detailed knowledge of Chakras, Nadis, Kundalini, Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini Ascension, Kundalini Yoga, Self Realization, and Moksha (Salvation).

answer Aug 29, 2019 by M.r.suji Raga Priya