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Is meditation a good way to help people in depression?

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posted Aug 21, 2019 by Ashwini

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1 Answer

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Meditation does NOT cure anything.

Sorry, but it is true, despite wishful thinking. What meditation does do that may help, however, is many folds:

  1. It reduces stress to allow the body to cure, as it naturally would if it had enough resources.
  2. It exercises the “awareness” muscle which prevents the reinforcement of depression by the mind looping negative thoughts.
  3. It provides space between the body, and the mind that perceives it, to allow the body to what it needs to.

Our ability to self-regulate is not widely understood by medical research, nor does it have the incentive to want to understand it. When we develop the skills to self-regulate, there will be lots of people out of jobs and lots of companies out of business.

Depression, as they are learning, is a holistic issue. It isn’t just caused by chemical imbalances, faulty mood regulation, negative thinking, or stress and trauma, but rather by a combination of all of these things.[1] All of these things can also be self-regulated with meditation as the tool.

It is also important to recognize that there are just as many ways to meditate as there are ways to lift weights. Meditation is just a form of exercise for the mind.

answer Aug 22, 2019 by Nithin Kumar