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Are there any devices apart from dipsticks to check my fertility or ovulation days?

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posted Apr 6, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Yes, there are devices available apart from dipsticks to check the ovulation days. The ones I've read about are Advanced ovulation tests and fertility monitors.

Advanced ovulation tests - The device looks somewhat like a digital thermometer. This ovulation detection test measures not just the LH surge like all other dipsticks, but also detects the level of estrogen, which is high 2-3 days just before the LH surge. Thus, when other dipsticks can sense the 24-36 hours fertility window, this method gives a picture of up-to 5 days when the chances of conception are high. The results are displayed digitally, thus the uncertainty of identifying the intensity of color like other tests is ruled out. Urine sample is used for this test.

enter image description here

Fertility monitor - Similar to advanced ovulation test, even this device measures the level of both estrogen and LH surge to give the information on fertile window of up to 5 days. The device has a touch screen and a probe/stick to hold the urine sample. The early morning urine sample is taken on the stick and placed within the device which tells your low fertile/ most fertile and peak fertile days. It also allows one to set the information on previous period, the day when one should start taking the test (usually 6th day, but depends on individual data) and set the alarm on when should one take the next test. It is usually suggested that one should take this test upto 20 days to get a clear picture on the fertile window.

enter image description here

You can buy it here.

answer Apr 6, 2016 by Rachel