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Is there any artificial method to get pregnant at home after having tried for 6-12 months naturally ?

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posted Apr 5, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Stork OTC, an over the counter home conception method answers this question to a great extent. It is clinically approved by FDA and has proven success records of up to 20% success rate which is as good as IUI method of artificial reproductive technology. This works by placing the sperm at the opening of the cervix for upto 6 hours, thereby enhancing and optimizing the chances of egg meeting the sperm to great extent.

This device is made up of 2 integral part :

enter image description here
1. Cervical cap within a conceptacle - To collect the sperm sample during intercourse in the cervical cap.

2. Applicator - To release the sperm collected at a required position in the uterus. It is placed there for around 6 hours while the woman can continue her normal routine and remove it as easily as tampon.

This method supplies 3 times more concentration of sperm within the egg's vicinity as against normal intercourse, where the concentration is reduced by the time the sample reaches the egg. Considering the cost of the procedure, this is much more cost effective with almost 1/10th the price of IUI, most importantly without the hassles of visiting the clinic often.

The complete information on the same is given on their website and the usage is the video below:

Image and video source -

answer Apr 5, 2016 by Pallavi