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What is the difference between Vipassana and Samatha Meditation?

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posted Jul 23, 2019 by Megana

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1 Answer

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Mindfulness of Breathing and all other 40 Buddhist meditation subjects, improve the mind concentration. Those meditations are Samatha Meditation. Final goals is to enter and continue Jhana consciousness levels. Samatha Meditation give us higher tranquility of mind(sequence of consciousness). Then our mind is more powerful and we can use it to get powerful results. Samatha Meditation is not unique to Buddhism. It was already there before the Buddhism. All non Buddhist meditations are Samatha.

Vipassana is unique to Buddhism. 'Four foundations of mindfulness meditation' and some other meditations which repeatedly analyse the reality of body and mind are Vipassana kind of meditation. In Vipassana we will repeatedly analyse 'three marks of existence' which are impermanence (anicca), unsatisfactoriness or suffering (dukkha) and non-self (anattā). Final goal of Vipassana are nine super-mundane consciousness (Permanent enlightenment levels or Magga-Phala). Buddhism teach Vipassana is very much meritorious than Samatha. Since Vipassana can permanently remove all kind of infinite sufferings of a non ending sequence of consciousness. It seems these meditations are collective(I mean, doing small amount will help or add up to get the final result).
answer Jul 24, 2019 by T.venu Kumar