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What are the medications prescribed during pregnancy to treat preeclampsia?

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posted Mar 29, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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If you are a patient of Hypertension even before pregnancy and taking medications for the same, consult your doctor about the continuity of the drug. As, some drugs act adversely on pregnancy. The medications mentioned here pertain to the context. However, below are the medications provided to directly act on the blood pressure and bring it to lower levels.

  1. Methyldopa - Used to lower blood pressure, thereby preventing seizures, strokes, cardiovascular disorders and kidney issues.
    Routes of administration - Oral (Consumption through mouth) as prescribed by your doctor.

  2. Nifedipine - Reduces the blood pressure and acts with steroids to enhance the baby's lung growth. This is usually not prescribed if the patient has a history of heart/kidney diseases.
    Routes of administration - Oral, without missing the prescribed dose for scheduled period of time.

  3. Hydralazine - Used to reduce severe cases of hypertension in a short span of time during pregnancy
    Routes of administration - Intravenous

  4. Labetalol - Used to reduce severe cases of hypertension in a short span of time during pregnancy
    Routes of administration - Intravenous and oral

Care should be taken to ensure that, the BP doesn't drastically come down, since it reduces the blood flow to fetus, there by causing adverse effects to it.

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answer Mar 29, 2016 by Pallavi
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There are many different kinds of medications available for preeclampsia these days. But rather than just opting for one, you should consider their pros and cons too. Not all the medicines that are suggested during this period are safe. Your doctor would consider your medical history and check background for allergies and other reactions before suggesting one. The purpose of the medicine is crucial here too. So here are some different kinds of medications you may be given.

The first type of medicine is of course to solve the basic purpose of controlling your blood pressure levels. Remember that lowering the high blood pressure is not the only solution here. Preeclampsia is not just about blood pressure, there are aspects to consider in terms of damage to baby. If pressure is going very high, a medicine can be given to control the same.

In some cases, magnesium sulphate is also suggested to the mother for preventing seizures. Remember that high blood pressure medicines come with the pros and cons. This medicine is given in preeclampsia right before delivery and is often continued for a period of 1-2 days post delivery too. Pregnancy-related seizures are also known as eclampsia, which need to be tackled.

Then there are some medicines suggested for speeding the lung development of the baby. It has been seen that in this case, the doctor can suggest a steroid too. Usually this is given to the mother when the baby is still premature and is about 34 weeks of gestation). The concept is to help the baby's lungs mature in a day or two, which means lower problems for the baby post given birth.

All of these preeclampsia medicines are sold under different names like Labetalol and Hydralazine for high blood pressure. Then there are medicines like Methyldopa for controlling pressure and checking for seizure too.

answer May 6, 2016 by Shahid R