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Can yoga cure those dark circles which do not go ?

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posted Jun 24, 2019 by Y.chandralekha

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1 Answer

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Age does but if you are one of those who has a desk job and addicted to all kinds of gadgets, say hello to puffy eyes on your youthful skin. It is all interlinked. Addiction to gadgets causes insomnia which further leads to health problems and so on. All these manifest as a pair of bags under your eyes. The skin around your eyes is fragile making your puffy eyes look more prominent. Even more, a reason to get rid of them. a woman can look tired and fatigued due to dark circles.  Thought to be caused due to stress, lack of sleep and in some cases due to constant ill health, dark circles are also known to form due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to the face. That is why Ayurveda and yoga practitioners believe that by increasing the blood flow to one's face it can help resolve the problem. So instead of trying various chemical and cosmetic methods to get rid of them, here is an all natural way to zap those dark circles away.


Shambhavi mudra


Surya Namaskar

answer Jun 25, 2019 by Bhavisha.k