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What are the available treatment options for Preeclampsia?

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posted Mar 29, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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The treatment of preeclampsia majorly depends on the phase of pregnancy and the growth of the baby. If the due date is in near future or pregnancy is over 34 weeks, the doctor would suggest opting for delivering the baby. But if the pregnancy is still in the early stage, the doctor might suggest bed rest, reduced physical activity, a close check on any bodily changes and frequent visits to the hospital. Sometimes if the cases are severe, expectant management method is incorporated, where the patient is hospitalized and kept under close monitoring conditions.

Below are some important aspects of treatment:


Antihypertensive drugs: The drugs which reduce blood pressure. When the blood pressure reaches the ‘severe’ limits (SBP - 160 mmHg, DBP - 110 mmHg), these are prescribed. Care should be taken to choose the right ones, since some of these drugs are not suggested during pregnancy.
Anticonvulsants: These are the drugs to overcome seizures in the mother due to severe preeclampsia. Usually magnesium sulfate is used
Corticosteroids: These drugs elevate the growth of pulmonary tissues (lungs) in the fetus in a quick span of 1-2 days. This is usually suggested when the doctor suggests delivery of the baby, but the growth of the baby is insufficient.


When the pregnancy is more than 34 weeks, the doctor suggests induced delivery, where drugs are given to induce labor.

If the fetal growth is insufficient or pregnancy is not less than 34 weeks, a C section is usually preferred. However the doctor might still take a chance of inducing the labor, in which case magnesium sulfate is given to the patient to avoid seizures.

answer Mar 29, 2016 by Dr Prachi
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Medical treatments are available easily for preeclampsia. But with a little angel inside you, considering alternate or natural treatments is a safer idea. In some cases, the results may differ but on the whole these remedies and lifestyle changes could be and effective solution-

Have ginger, honey and lemon tea

Drinking ginger, honey and lemon tea 2-3 times a day is an effective remedy for preeclampsia. The ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps in reducing blood pressure. The combination of these three ingredients keeps you hydrated and gently detoxifies too. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is crucial agent for managing blood pressure levels.

Do stretching exercises and walking

A combination of stretching exercises and walking is known for balancing high blood pressure and the same applies during your pregnancy stages too. However, remember to not exert yourself too much. 30 minutes a day is sufficient.

Stop smoking and drinking completely

You shouldn’t be doing it ideally but if you are, then you are simply risking your life along with your baby’s. Quit these two habits completely.

Have more of fibre

Think of fibrous and fresh fruits and vegetables along with oats, whole wheat, barely, etc. Remember that you should totally avoid processed foods as they do not provide any nutrition but definitely add useless calories. The more weight you gain, the higher are your risks here.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is very important. Drink at least 12 glasses of water a day, though it does mean more trips to the washroom. But flushing out toxins and regulated flow of oxygen helps control blood pressure.

Natural and home remedies like the above are known to gently curb the signs of preeclampsia. However, you should consult a doctor and continue with medicines, if instructed.

answer May 4, 2016 by Joseph