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Why should I practise Dru Yoga?

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posted Jun 18 by T.venu Kumar

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1 Answer

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Dru Yoga has Seven Key Principles that are specifically designed to activate the body’s healing mechanisms and keep all systems in balance.

1. Flow – the movements and sequences flow with the breath. The posture work is not static, as stamina is built by moving in and out of the asanas. In the process, latent energy is released and becomes available to us.

2. The breath works with the body in a very natural way and we raise awareness of the power of the breath with moving pranayama. In the postures, we generally move in with upward and outward movements and breathe out as we return to centre.

3. The joints come off the lock, we keep them soft to allow the benefits of the postures to access all areas!

4. Core Stability is key! We teach how to access and strengthen the core muscles in the lower abdomen and we show you why that is so important. Great for improving posture, reducing low back pain and improves correct spinal alignment.

5. The Spinal Wave features in many postures as we increase the mobility of each vertebra the spine, which gives rise to a healthy spine. The nervous system originates in the spine, so a flexible, mobile spine increases your general health and well-being.

6. We start our Spinal Twists from the base of the spine. This helps with mobility but also stretches and tones the back muscles for improved posture and a decrease in lower back pain.

7. Dru Yoga is named after the North Star (Drhuva in Sanskrit) and we aim to reach the 'Dru point' within postures, pranayama and meditation. As the North Star is the still point in the sky, the one constant around which everything else spins, when we are in this amazing stillness, we develop a much deeper awareness of our own star quality :)

answer Jun 19 by Rajashekhara