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I heard about the adversities caused by preeclampsia, could anyone throw light on what are causes for the same?

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posted Mar 28, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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The causes of preeclampsia still give a lot of room for research. Studies till now suggest following could be the causes of the same:

  1. Lowered blood flow to placenta, which is the nutrient and nourishment supplying organ to the fetus throughout gestation. Since blood flow is reduced, the transportation of hormones also reduces, thus affecting the growth of the fetus.

  2. Poor supply of nutrients, thus inhibiting the necessary supply to fetus

  3. Obesity, which is the hindrance to a list of fertility issues

  4. Autoimmune disorders, where the body starts attacking its own tissues thinking it as a foreign particle.

  5. Genetics could also play a role

answer Mar 28, 2016 by Pallavi
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There are a lot of different causes of preeclampsia and even though only one cause cannot be pinpointed, here are some of the more commonly known reasons for getting the same.

High blood pressure

One of the most common causes of preeclampsia, it has been seen that women tend to have higher BP than usual in affected cases. Some of these include-
- Gestational hypertension is temporary but can eventually develop or lead to preeclampsia.
- Chronic hypertension is something that remains present during and post pregnancy, but during the 20th week or around
the period, it may start to swell up.
- Chronic hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia is a problem that just gets worse with excessive protein in the urine along with other conditions.

Placenta issues

Often, the placenta is not developed in early pregnancy stages and leads to lack of formation into proper arteries. Other similar cases happen where the placenta is not functioning properly and in this case, problems like proterinuria occur along with high blood pressure, leading to preeclampsia.

Genetical issues

A gene that helps in regulating the immune system of the body is found in the placenta of some women who suffered from preeclampsia. So it is possible that the overabundance of this gene is the primary cause of the same. Though nothing has been proved yet.


Growing rate of pollution and toxins in our environment have been associated with a rise in this condition. High levels of CYP2J2 enzyme enter the placental cells and the uterine lining, which is one of the inherent causes of the same.


Along with this, there is a possibility that poor lifestyle habits like alcohol, smoking, obesity, lack of nutritious diet, etc. could be underlying factors that eventually lead to preeclampsia.

answer Apr 14, 2016 by Daisy