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Can I try SUP Yoga without any previous yoga experience?

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posted Jun 11, 2019 by N.yogetha

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1 Answer

0 votes

SUP yoga, that is, doing yoga whilst balancing on a paddle board, is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. It combines the excitement and unpredictability of paddle-boarding with the control and mindful movement of yoga. But do you need to have experience in yoga to give it a go?

The quick answer is no. As long as you’re reasonably fit and healthy, chances are you’ll have an enjoyable time on the water whether you have thirty years of solid yoga practice or you only heard the words “downward facing dog” today.

There are many great SUP schools out there, with experienced instructors who are skilled at cueing yoga poses for beginners and more experienced yogis, whilst understanding how balancing on a paddle board changes the practice. A good instructor will always give precise guidance for how to get into the poses and hold them without tipping yourself into the blue! Not that falling into the water is necessarily a bad thing - the odd tumble is all part of the SUP Yoga fun, and participants are often given life vests for this very reason.

answer Jun 12, 2019 by N.chaithra