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Who is at the risk of preeclampsia? Can anyone be a victim of it?

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posted Mar 28, 2016 by Dr Alok

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2 Answers

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• If your pregnancy is the first one
• If your pregnancy is second or third one, but with different male partner
• If you have a family history of preeclampsia
• If you have had Hypertension in the past
• Have been diagnosed of diabetes/ obesity/ kidney malfunctioning/liver malfunctioning
• Carrying twins or triplets
• Age below 20 years or above 40 years

answer Mar 28, 2016 by Dr Preetam
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There are some women who are more prone to the problem of preeclampsia. In simple terms, this is a disease where the placenta of the woman is not working properly, putting her and the baby to risks of different illnesses and issues. Some women are more prone to getting this problem as compared to others. This happens because of -

Being overweight

Being overweight drastically increases your chances or risks of getting preeclampsia. Since obesity is related to different kinds of diseases including diabetes during pregnancy, you have a higher risk of suffering from this problem. Trying to maintain a healthy weight prior to conceiving and restricted weight gain during pregnancy are viable solutions here.

Chronic kidney diseases

Some women tend to suffer from chronic kidney diseases due to genetic and chromosomal factors. Research shows that such women have a higher risks of volatile illnesses like preeclampsia.

Too much gap in pregnancy

Those who have a gap of more than 10 years between their pregnancies are known to suffer from this issue. The gap leads to physiological changes in the body and with age, the body weakens resulting in risk of preeclampsia.

Family or medical history

If your mother, grandmother or anyone from your maternal or paternal side suffered from this issue, there are chances that you will too. Though the exact cause of this genetic fault is not diagnosed, women with previous medical history of the same or even with family history are prone to the same.

Other factors

  • Change of paternity or having multiple babies with different partners
  • Risks of other illnesses like high blood pressure First time mothers have the highest risk of the preeclampsia
  • Multiple pregnancies like twins or triplets put you at a higher risk of suffering from the same
answer Apr 22, 2016 by Kiran