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What do you think most people misunderstand about Mindfulness?

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posted Jun 5, 2019 by N.chaithra

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1 Answer

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As the practice of mindfulness becomes “mainstream,” it is common to see creative applications of the practice in a variety of settings with various objectives. Clinical settings have recognized the benefits of mindfulness on emotional, relational, and cognitive functioning. They have implemented mindfulness practices in a therapeutic manner for some time. Recently, one can find applications of mindfulness practice in the board room, the classroom, and the living room. Yet as the scope of mindfulness expands its reach and creative applications are invented, the spirit of mindfulness can be compromised and diluted. At some point, these applications may no longer be mindfulness practices.

Yoga is an example of a practice that with popularity has morphed into many creative expressions. My yoga studio offers aerial yoga, which is a blast. But I know yogis who argue that while aerial yoga has some elements of yoga, at some point it lost so many of the fundamental core concepts that people should no longer call it yoga. It is a yoga hybrid.
answer Jun 6, 2019 by Nikitha S Prasad