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What's the wildest experience you ever had during Meditation?

+2 votes
posted Jun 4, 2019 by Rajashekhara

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1 Answer

0 votes
Meditation is a pleasant experience, hardly any “crazy” things happen. Although crazy thoughts may come and go in and out of the mind. Which is natural and general. Anyway, the whole point of meditation is to calm your mind of all the thoughts incoming and that happens rather gradually (Rome wasn't built in a day),hope you get this. In order to experience “out of the world experiences” you've got to be an advanced and seasoned meditator, and sometimes even they fail to achieve that state. Anyways, meditation should be done without keeping any prior goals in your mind, cause if that goal doesn't manifest, it'll bring nothing but sorrow.
answer Jun 5, 2019 by Archana.s