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What do you think about guided meditations versus silent ones?

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posted May 29, 2019 by Vijay Vardhan

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1 Answer

0 votes

Silent meditation is better. The very things that make silent meditation more difficult are the things that make it more beneficial. You undertake formal meditation practice to learn how to focus your attention on the present moment without judgement, and to learn how to deal with distractions by coming back to the present moment again and again. If there are fewer opportunities to practice these things, then the learning won’t be as deep.

I encourage all mindfulness practitioners to pursue silent meditation at some point. If you need to rely on guided meditations right now, though, that’s okay. There is still plenty of benefit to be gained from guided meditations. Go ahead and use them if they’re what you need, but at some point, give silent meditation a try.

answer May 30, 2019 by Y.chandralekha