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Best home remedies for Irregular Periods

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irregular periods home remedies

Irregular periods is a problem that has a direct impact on fertility. On the whole, you menstrual cycle goes for a toss and as a result of this, you are not really sure on what days ovulation happens or whether or not the entire reproductive cycle is malfunctioning. Common causes of the same include depression, anxiety, sudden stress, change in physical activity and weight gain along with hormonal changes. Thankfully, there are many home remedies available for treating the problem of irregular periods-

Raw Papaya

raw papaya

Chewing on raw papaya or even consuming it in diverse forms with other foods is highly suggested for overcoming the problem of irregular periods. Papaya is rich in potent emmenagogue(a substance that stimulates or increases menstrual flow) that is known for boosting your fibres in the uterine area. When the muscles contract they regulate the flow of blood in the area. As a result, the uterus is able to get back to its normal functions and your menstrual flow is regulated. You can try having raw papaya in salads and other forms. The juice of the same can be consumed too.

Carom seeds and jaggery tea

carom tea and jagery tea

This is a tea that infuses the goodness of not only jaggery and carom seeds, but also contains clarified butter or ghee. It is made into a deep and thick concoction that is used for treating acute stomach ache issues along with regulating menstrual flow. Irregular periods do cause sharp pain in the stomach and this home remedy cleanses impurities from the body and boosts uterine functions. For the remedy, take 1 cup of sugar and jaggery each. Boil the same in a liter of water. To this add 2-3 spoons of clarified butter. When the solution thickens, you can store it in a fridge and have about 1/2 cup after heating it daily.

Ginger Tea

1 spoon of honey mixed with a spoon of ginger should be boiled in a cup of water. To this, you can also add some mint and basil leaves that are known for stimulating periods and help them get regular. You should consume this tea twice a day at least. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes so make it fresh when you have the same.

Increase Turmeric Intake

turmeric for irregular periods

Turmeric is known for its many antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are known for helping solve the problem of irregular periods. Turmeric both on fresh and dried forms is helpful in this reference. You can consume 1 spoon of raw turmeric juice with some jaggery and honey. Alternatively, you can drink turmeric juice combined with ginger and carrot juice that is iron rich and very helpful for regulating periods. Warm milk combined with turmeric in the night is known to help in regulating period issues.

Spice Blend

spice blend for irregular periods

You can mix together different kinds of spices like coriander, fennel seeds, cumin and even carom seeds. Toast a handful of these spices in a dry pan till they are a little crisp. Now puree the same in a blender to make a thick and coarse powder. To this powder you can add rock salt, some asafetida and even a hint of pepper. Mix the same well. Consume it everyday before you go to bed or even early in the morning. One spoon suffices. This spice blend is known for cleansing the stomach and uterine tissues, reduces stomach pain and has an array of other benefits too.

Image sources:

carom tea and jaggery tea- remediesandherbs

Turmeric- authoritynutrition

Ginger tea- eudaemonia

posted Mar 25, 2016 by Swaroop

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That was a good read! I recently found this article regarding irregular and painful period

I think following above steps can indirectly help overcome the heart risks induced due to periods as well.

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ginger benefits

Ginger is often referred to as galangal and is one of the most popular spices found across homes in the world. It has been used in Ayurveda for ages now and includes  using the same in fresh and dried forms. So here are some cool home remedies using ginger that would be useful for treating many women-centric issues-

Morning sickness

ginger tea

Pregnancy brings a lot of joy with it - but there’s also some minor complications like morning sickness, which is more of nausea and feeling of uneasiness. Sadly this is not just restricted to morning but continues all day through for many. You can try chewing on ginger that has been mixed with some rock salt and mango powder. The combination helps in boosting your taste buds and also curbs morning sickness. It further tantalises the taste buds and makes you feel hungry too.


Enhances pregnancy health 

pregnancy health

Regular consumption of raw ginger is highly recommended for pregnant women because it helps in boosting immunity, aids digestion, reduces pregnancy related swelling and bloating (oedema) and also fights against the common cold and cough. Since you are not prescribed too many medicines during this period, try having at least cups of ginger tea through the day. Just boil a cup of water with grated ginger and some basil leaves. To this add a spoon of honey and drink up twice to enhance your immunity and get protection against common cold and cough, flu, etc.


Prevents ovarian cancer

Recent studies established a strong connection between ovarian cancer and ginger. It revealed that women who consumed ginger on the higher side were able to prevent augment of ovarian cancer. In fact, even women who had ovarian cancer were able to restrain and control the spread. For this remedy, you need to sun-dry some ginger or even get dried ginger from the market. Make it into a fine powder and have it with your tea, in salads or even on empty stomach mixed with some water.


Reduces menstrual cramps and pain

reduces cramps

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce cramps and pain during menses. It also heals other forms of muscle pain. For getting respite, you can consume ginger tea. You should have this tea a few days before getting your menses. Additionally, you can also mix dried ginger with some carom seeds and jaggery to 2-3 cups of water. Drink this warm tea twice a day.

Image source


pregnancy health

reduces cramps

ginger tea

ovarian cancer

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low sperm count

Low sperm count is one of the biggest hurdles for fertility and conception. Not only is it a physical problem but it also creates a mental or psychological impact on the man. Fewer than 40 million sperm during ejaculation reflect low sperm count. There are many genetic, medical and lifestyle factors associated with this low sperm count, but thankfully you can counteract the same with some home remedies-

Diet Changes

low sperm count diet changes

One of the most suggested methods for enhancing or boosting your sperm count includes a change in your diet. Here you can try adding some of these foods to your everyday meals to boost your sperm count-

  • Bananas are not only rich in vitamins and nutrients but they also contain an enzyme named bromelain that helps in boosting sexual functions.
  • Dark chocolate contains L-arginine HCL that is known to elongate your orgasm and also helps in enhancing sperm count gradually. So eat more of the same as it also fights depression, which is commonly associated with the problem of infertility.
  • Pomegranates are known to reduce the number of malondialidehyde in your body, which are attributed to reducing your sperm count. Have half a pomegranate everyday or drink its juice.
  • Walnuts and eggs are also suggested as home remedies for increasing your sperm count.

Increase Water Intake

increase water intake

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water a day is suggested for men who tend to suffer from low sperm count. Basically water helps in enhancing sperm motility and their functions. Hence, there is a better chance at conception.

Exercise Everyday

exercises for low sperm count

Men suffering from low sperm count are suggested to try out or do some form of moderate exercise everyday. In particular, there are various yoga postures like warrior pose, downward dog and Agni-kriya, which are known too boost production of sperm. Also, as compared to men who lead sedentary lifestyles, men with active habits have a higher sperm count. This is often attributed to issues like obesity and weight gain. So try to do 30-40 minutes of moderate exercises everyday.

Herbal Remedies

ashwagandha for low sperm count

There are various kinds of herbal remedies available today that can be consumed on a daily basis for enhancing sperm count. You can consume Ahwagandha, Maca Root, etc. - say about 1-2 spoons twice a day to boost your sperm production. This can be mixed up with warm milk.

Almond Milk

almond milk

The combination of almond, milk and saffron is known to work as an aphrodisiac. For making this remedy, you need to soak a few almonds and then take off the peel. Soak some saffron strands in a milk and then puree the three ingredients together in a blender. You should have this milk warm because it is said that warm milk helps in boosting sperm production and is also known to help in getting a longer erection.

Eat More Guacamole

low sperm count avocadoes

Along with being high on fatty acids that are good for your health, avocados are also very rich in vitamin E. They are called the food that triggers sex and vigor in southern American states. Not only does it help to enhance your sperm count, it also keeps spark alive by boosting overall sexual functions. Paired with onions and lime, they sure trigger off healthier sex drive.

Have Sex More Often

low sperm count

Contrary to popular belief that men with lower sperm count should not have sex that often, the reality is that having sex on a regular basis actually helps in boosting sperm count. In fact, more frequent sex will also increase your chances at conception - as long as you target the right dates.

So before you opt for medical solutions or even alongside, do try these home remedies for low sperm count.

Image source

Herbal remedies - ndtvimg

Low sperm count- cms.boloji

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Papaya in both ripe and unripe forms comes with its share of benefits for women. But there are some people who believe that ripe papayas may lead to abortion or cause the woman to miscarry during the early stages of pregnancy. However, there is medical or scientific proof of the same. Along with this, there are multiple benefits that the papaya can give you-


Fights obesity

papaya weight loss

One of the biggest reasons for women to indulge more in this fruit is because it helps fight obesity. Made mostly of water, with natural sweeteners, ripe papaya has enzymes that are known to melt fat. In fact, women who are trying to conceive but are unable to because of obesity would benefit largely here. 


Improve lactation


Some women suffer from problems post childbirth with lactation. In many cultures both ripe and raw papaya are served to women in form of salads, vegetable or even as a soup. Papaya helps in stimulating hormones that secrete milk in the breasts and enhance lactation. Also remember that women who feed or nurse their kids for a longer period of time are less prone to getting breast cancer as compared to women who don’t.


Regulate menstrual cycle

regulate period

A common problem that women across the world these days suffer from is irregular menstrual cycles. You can blame it on excessive stress, lifestyle changes, exertion, etc. But if there’s a quick and humble remedy that can resolve this issue without much fuss is Papaya. Research shows that women who consume a bowl of ripe papaya fruit everyday have more regular cycles as compared to women who don’t. Since papaya flushes out toxins and cleanses the stomach and digestive tract, it also boosts your uterine functions, thus facilitating healthier periods. Additionally, it also combats obesity which is a hurdle when it comes to getting your periods on time.


Reduces risk of cervical cancer

papaya and cervical cancer

Being a rich source of rich source of beta-cryptoxanthin, Papaya has been known for fighting persistent HPV infection. But additionally, it also helps in reducing your risks of cervical cancer. Some lesions and infections are known to cause cancer in women. Papaya consumption on a regular basis, both ripe and unripe helps in fighting off that infection. As a result, women eating the same on a regular basis are less prone to getting cervical cancer as compared to women who don’t eat papaya.


Image source

weight loss


cervical cancer

regulate period


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