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How meditation increases your intelligence?

+2 votes
posted Apr 26, 2019 by N.yogetha

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1 Answer

0 votes

Meditation slows brain wave activity.

Your brain has four basic brain waves:

  • Beta – These are the fastest and the most common brain waves for a waking, conscious state produced by your thinking mind.
  • Alpha – Alpha waves denote a relaxed, detached awareness. They would be present when you’re daydreaming, for example, or in light meditation.
  • Theta – Theta waves are produced by the subconscious mind. Your subconscious holds long-term memories, core beliefs, and all your psychological baggage. However, it’s also the key to deep insight, bliss, and intuition. Theta waves are seen in deep meditation.
  • Delta – These are the waves of the unconscious mind most common during sleep, but occurring some while awake too.
answer Apr 29, 2019 by N.chaithra