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How to lose weight by Yoga in 1 month?

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posted Mar 27, 2019 by N.chaithra

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1 Answer

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Of course, you can lose wight 1–2 kgs in a month, if you are really serious. but will you be able to maintain it???

This is very nice, you seem to be serious about weight loss. congratulations. 
But you should know some basics about weight loss and your body first. for weight loss and weight

maintain, the responsible factor is 80% nutrition and 20% work out. You have started 20%, you need to focus on 80% too.

We put petrol or diesel in our bike even if they are costly so that the machine should work fine not hair oil, the worth of bike machine is like 1 blocks,
our body also has many machines worth billions, we should put the correct nutrition in it. 
You need to remember

losing weight is, of course, important but maintaining weight is more important.
By mere exercise or dieting, you do

loose weight, but you don't know whether that is fat you are loosing or muscles or any nutrient level. You need a proper diet to keep the correct weight. 

are the basic diet chart for weight loss, in your regular food, you should include 40% carbs + 30% protein + 30% fat and 15g fibres + 5-6 lt of water. and your breakfast should contain fibre, protein, carbs, unsaturated fat, minerals. and you should not eat anything after 7.30pm. It is difficult to calculate all these. 
but if you are determined, you can try it for a month and make it a habit.



answer Mar 28, 2019 by Y.chandralekha