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Evidence that people who meditate, do yoga or mindfulness live longer or / and are healthier?

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Thousands of studies and web-pages devoted to how yoga keeps the body’s systems more fluid, and how meditation reduces blood pressure and stress, which is considered to be the main thing that breaks down health and life.

That said, the original purpose of both yoga and meditation was to realize our true nature and true flow in this life, and live those qualities every day, even if our lives ended up being short. More quality, less quantity.

As a teacher of both yoga and meditation for about 45 years, I’ve had the good fortune to watch thousands make both of them a regular part of their daily regimen. Just from sheer numbers & percentages, I’ve also had the opportunity to watch many of them end their lives at a relatively young age - their 30s, 40s, 50, and 60s - from something yoga & meditation could not predict or avoid. Car accidents. Cancers. Violence in their city or overseas. And other unforeseen maladies and calamities.

I felt sad for those who thought yoga and meditation were going to prolong their life, and used them mainly to achieve more health and longevity. It ended up not being much help when they got ovarian cancer and died at 34 (happened to a close friend and student.)

So, while there’s nothing wrong with using yoga & meditation to be healthier and possibly live longer, I always recommend looking at the quality of our life, and the self-realization these practices can lead to, that make life truly worth living, beyond health and longevity. I can say without hesitation, the moment meditation, mindfulness and other ‘letting go’s’ brought me to that self-realization, I truly could die that day, or this moment, and no qualms or feelings of incompletion about it whatsoever.

posted Jan 31 by anonymous

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