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How did Surya Namaskar change your life?

+2 votes
posted Jan 23, 2019 by Archana.s

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1 Answer

0 votes
  1. It has taken away my negativity and complaining nature
  2. It has taught me how to enjoy life in every moment.
  3. I learned to practice patience.
  4. I became self-confident in every aspect of life.
  5. I enjoy silence and my own company.
  6. I have improved a lot on my physical and emotional fitness.
  7. I appreciate and accept everything happened in my life.
  8. Cheerful became me all the time nature.
  9. I started practising spirituality.
  10. I became more compassionate.
  11. I became very good at reading people. Now I can easily recognize people and their intentions. And I think this is a very important skill in our life.
  12. My thoughts and thinking no more killing me. Rather I got very disciplined in my thinking process.
answer Jan 24, 2019 by Nikitha C.n