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What are the positive results of doing Surya Namaskar 50 times for 20 days?

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posted Jan 22, 2019 by Syed Zubair

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1 Answer

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Benefits of Sun Salutation if you do it for 50 times 20 Days :

When done daily, systematically, correctly and faithfully and according to our instructions, the Surya Namaskar

1. Strengthens the entire digestive system (including stomach, pancreas, intestines, liver, etc.) and cures, and prevents constipation.

2. Invigorates the nervous system (including the brain, spinal cord, lower plexus, and cures brain-fag, forgetfulness, worries and other forms of mental derangement. Though shattered nerves take a long time and are more difficult to repair than other cells, our graduated course of Surya Namaskars will slowly but surely restore them to normality.

3. Invigorates the heart and will cure and prevent blood pressure, palpitation.

4. Develops the lungs, gives you wind and prevents tuberculosis.

5. Improves the quality and circulation of the blood. Active circulation of the blood is the first law of health.

6. Stimulates glandular activity; gives a new vivacity to the glands. Owing to the stretching and compressing movements of the throat and neck the thyroid gland is stimulated and any tendency to goitre is obviated. Correct glandular functioning governs health and attractiveness.

7. Improves the colour and function of the spleen by enabling it to eradicate toxic impurities through profuse perspiration and to absorb vital energy from the atmosphere. A clear skin glowing with ruddy health end vigour is a winning factor for men and women in business and social life.

answer Jan 23, 2019 by M.s.prathiksha