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Ever thought? The fragrances you are using could make you impotent!

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perfumes and infertility

You love spraying yourself with your favorite perfume to create the mood and set up room sprays across the house too. But one problem that we don’t realize here is that these fragrances are rarely natural and loaded with chemicals. So what, you are not consuming them. Yes, technically you are not consuming them from the mouth, but these chemicals are entering your system via vapor or through the air.

Inhaling these perfumes made from artificial agents is known for causing a variety of health issues like asthma, respiratory problems, etc. The little secret you don’t know is that it is also affecting your fertility rate. You may not like to hear this but these chemicals tend to remain built-in the system. Unlike the toxins that you flush out from the body, these chemicals are found to stay on even on the cord blood of your newly born. Just because you cannot see it doesn’t stop it from causing damage.

The underlying problem


fertility and perfumes


Natural smells from the flowers, organic essential oils and perfumes made from pure extracts are the few exceptions here. But most brands today focus on chemical usage to reduce cost factors. There is a concoction of these toxins or chemicals sold in the market named as fragrance. Phthalates are present in these fragrances that are known to have created issues like-

  • Permanent sperm damage
  • Reduced rate of female fertility
  • Lower estrogen levels
  • Problems conceiving even with IVF (sometimes complete failure is seen too)
  • Higher rates of miscarriage
  • Toxic impact on embryo
  • Damage to all reproductive organs in men and women
  • Risks of different types of cancer, especially testicular cancer in men

Men at Bigger Threat

men at threat with perfumes

A recent study conducted by the Edinburgh University showed that exposure to such harmful chemicals was affecting men more than women. It lowered rates of sperm production and also posed a threat to various cancer forms like testicular cancer.

What are classified as fragrances?



Don’t get disillusioned because you don’t use body spray or perfume. The damage quotient exists way beyond just deodorants, perfumes, sprays, etc. Fragrances are found in almost everything ranging from your toothpaste to the aromatherapy candles you purchased. It is there in your body lotion or cream, shaving products, nail polishes, wax coat, all kinds of soaps, fabric conditioners, shampoos, etc. And on an average, you are exposed to at least 3-4 of these chemicals on a daily basis.

What can you do?

risks of fertility with perfumes

Check all labels for the listed chemicals and other harmful ingredients listed there. In some cases, these chemicals might not be listed too. They are sold unregulated and are often not checked by approved agencies. The best bet here is to switch over to authentic and 100% natural and organic products. You can try to minimize the exposure to such chemicals, especially for pregnant women. It is advised that if you are already using a ton of cosmetic products, reduce their usage now. Opt for products that are unscented so that you are able to minimize the damage caused from these chemicals.

posted Feb 29, 2016 by anonymous

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