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Ever thought? The fragrances you are using could make you impotent!

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perfumes and infertility

You love spraying yourself with your favorite perfume to create the mood and set up room sprays across the house too. But one problem that we don’t realize here is that these fragrances are rarely natural and loaded with chemicals. So what, you are not consuming them. Yes, technically you are not consuming them from the mouth, but these chemicals are entering your system via vapor or through the air.

Inhaling these perfumes made from artificial agents is known for causing a variety of health issues like asthma, respiratory problems, etc. The little secret you don’t know is that it is also affecting your fertility rate. You may not like to hear this but these chemicals tend to remain built-in the system. Unlike the toxins that you flush out from the body, these chemicals are found to stay on even on the cord blood of your newly born. Just because you cannot see it doesn’t stop it from causing damage.

The underlying problem


fertility and perfumes


Natural smells from the flowers, organic essential oils and perfumes made from pure extracts are the few exceptions here. But most brands today focus on chemical usage to reduce cost factors. There is a concoction of these toxins or chemicals sold in the market named as fragrance. Phthalates are present in these fragrances that are known to have created issues like-

  • Permanent sperm damage
  • Reduced rate of female fertility
  • Lower estrogen levels
  • Problems conceiving even with IVF (sometimes complete failure is seen too)
  • Higher rates of miscarriage
  • Toxic impact on embryo
  • Damage to all reproductive organs in men and women
  • Risks of different types of cancer, especially testicular cancer in men

Men at Bigger Threat

men at threat with perfumes

A recent study conducted by the Edinburgh University showed that exposure to such harmful chemicals was affecting men more than women. It lowered rates of sperm production and also posed a threat to various cancer forms like testicular cancer.

What are classified as fragrances?



Don’t get disillusioned because you don’t use body spray or perfume. The damage quotient exists way beyond just deodorants, perfumes, sprays, etc. Fragrances are found in almost everything ranging from your toothpaste to the aromatherapy candles you purchased. It is there in your body lotion or cream, shaving products, nail polishes, wax coat, all kinds of soaps, fabric conditioners, shampoos, etc. And on an average, you are exposed to at least 3-4 of these chemicals on a daily basis.

What can you do?

risks of fertility with perfumes

Check all labels for the listed chemicals and other harmful ingredients listed there. In some cases, these chemicals might not be listed too. They are sold unregulated and are often not checked by approved agencies. The best bet here is to switch over to authentic and 100% natural and organic products. You can try to minimize the exposure to such chemicals, especially for pregnant women. It is advised that if you are already using a ton of cosmetic products, reduce their usage now. Opt for products that are unscented so that you are able to minimize the damage caused from these chemicals.

posted Feb 29, 2016 by anonymous

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erectile dysfunction

The defining mark of erectile dysfunction is the inability of keeping an erection which is adequate for sexual activities. Because this problem tends to manifest itself in various ways, it is necessary to judge if the dysfunction:

•    Appears occasionally and is transient: Facing problems with erections at some point in their lives is common for all men and is not serious.
•    Persistently and gradually develops: If this is the case then a physical cause is behind this dysfunction because that is what usually happens with chronic impotence.
•    Happens abruptly: There is an underlying physical factor in this case but the primary cause is a psychological issue especially in the case when you can get an erection for masturbating and early morning erections also occur.

Here are some ayurvedic remedies for the same-

Drumstick Flowers

drumstick flowers

This is a very common ayurveda recipe for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction. Here you have to boil a handful of the drumstick flowers in about 1 glass of milk. Once boiled, strain the milk and drink it while warm. This should be done ideally twice a day and you should see results in 1-2 months.

Ginger and Honey

ginger and honey

The goodness of ginger and honey combines together to provide you respite from erectile dysfunction along with providing improvement in immunity levels. You have crush ginger to get a big spoon of ginger juice and mix this well with similar quantity of honey. Drink the same twice a day for best results.
Panax Ginseng

panax ginseng

The roots of ginseng are highly suggested for treating various forms of erectile dysfunction. Also called Korean red ginseng, the roots of this plant are used for making medicines. It has been seen that the Panax ginseng is regarded as a safe treatment for this problem. However, it is suggested that you consume the roots of this ginseng for about 1-2 months for best results and then stop. Just boil the roots of the same in water and add honey to it. Drink 1 cup, twice a day.



Yohimbe is a very common African evergreen tree that has been found and used in ancient medicines, including Ayurveda. The bark of the tree contains yohimbine, which is basically a chemical used for treating erectile dysfunction in humans. It is safe option to be consumed on a short term basis. Just consume 1-2 spoons of the powder everyday day or if you have fresh Yohimbe available, you can mix it with juice or milk too.

Pinus pinaster

pinus pinaster

Pinus pinaster is taken from the bark of a pine tree. Ancient ayurvedic experts would use the Pycnogenol from the bark and give the same to patients suffering from erectile dysfunction issues. It should be taken for 2-3 months.



A berry named Schisandra found commonly in the East and other parts of Asia has been consumed by Chinese royalty and Taoist masters for improving sexual functions. Schisandra is not only an excellent Chinese medicine like the ginseng but its a very useful tonic for boosting overall sexual health. When consumed on a regular basis it helps in getting over the problem of erectile dysfunction.


horny goat weed

This herb has been used since ancient times as a medicine that treats erectile dysfunction and low libido. This herb contains an enzyme that is known to block the impact of restricted blood flow to the penis. Also called horny goat weed, it is a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which helps you in getting over the problem of erectile dysfunction - similar to drugs like Viagra or Cialis. However, this is a herb that comes without any side effects.

Ginger and honey- dailytrendlife

Ginseng- Anabolic men

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                drugs affecting male fertility

Medications are meant to help us out of an already existing physical problem. But sometimes, they also come with side effects or adverse reactions. In some cases, medications, especially hormonal ones are known to cause infertility issues. Don’t panic already, having a few doses won’t cause that much harm. But in the long run, they gradually depreciate sperm quality and lead to infertility issues. Here are some common ones you should be aware of-

medicines affecting fertility in men



Commonly referred to as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, these include the likes of aspirin and ibuprofen. Now remember that in a limited these medications won’t cause a lot of issues, but in the long run they lower your fertility rates. Especially, the male sperm quality goes down immensely.

Chemo Medicines

All kinds of chemotherapy medications are known to cause an adverse impact on the male fertility rate. These are medicines that are used for treating different kinds of cancer. However, not all forms of chemo therapy may cause reduction in your fertility levels. This usually pertains to the prostrate cancer types mostly.


Commonly used for treating the problem of fluid retention, which is also known as oedema, this medicine causes a temporary reduction in fertility rates. However, in most cases, your sperm and fertility levels tend to resume after a couple of months, once you stop taking spironolactone.


This is an anti-inflammatory drug that is commonly used in treating conditions related to inflammation. These include Crohn's disease (where one sees an inflammation of the intestine) and rheumatoid arthritis (Joint swelling along with pain). Sulfasalazine is known for causing a temporary reduction in sperm count. However, the easier solution here is that once you stop taking the same, the sperm count resumes to normal.

Anabolic steroids

These are steroids that a lot of men resort to for building muscle and increasing levels of endurance and sports performance. However, if the drug is over-used or continued over a longer period, it affects the mobility of the sperms along with reduction in the count.

Herbal remedies

Certain kinds of herbal remedies found commonly like the Tripterygium wilfordii root extract are known to reduce size of the testicles. This is a Chinese herb but it has been used in many herbal medicines too. Along with this, it also slows down sperm growth with regular use.

Do remember that sometimes, you have to take these medicines because of health conditions. However, it is best to always consult a physician before you consume them over a prolonged period, especially if you are trying to have a baby.

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