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Overcome ejaculation problems naturally, follow these simple steps!

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premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition of the body where a person ejaculates rather earlier than his partner or earlier than she would like him to. Premature ejaculation is also called as ejaculation premature, rapid climax, premature climax or early climax. This condition must occur in more than 50% of their sexual experiences. Ejaculation premature is also defined as when the man ejaculates in just 2 minutes after the penetration.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Psychological problems and factors are the most common things that contribute to this condition. It can be caused by depression, stress and an overall lack of confidence in oneself. It can be also caused by the lack of communication between the couple or unfinished problems that can hinder and interfere with the ability of the person to achieve an emotional intimacy. In other cases, this condition can also be triggered by extreme arousal that a person experiences.

Combating Ejaculation Problems Naturally

Relaxation Techniques

relaxation techniques

The age of a person is a factor on climax control. Older men are more relaxed and in control to further lengthen their time before reaching climax. This comes in the familiarity and relaxation during sex. Teens and young men are usually nervous and stressed during sex and thus they cannot control their own ejaculation. It is always advised to stay relaxed and comfortable during sex to prevent a person from ejaculating faster than his partner. You can try techniques like massages, meditation, etc. that aid relaxation.


Communicate With Your Partner More

The lack of communication between the couple, unresolved conflicts and lack of self-confidence can also contribute to the cause of this condition to a person. This condition also results from overall high and extreme arousal that a person experiences. Communicating your thoughts and talking openly about these issues helps in overcoming the same.


Self Control And Breathing

Being aware of your level of arousal and being conscious of your breathing are steps on how to stop premature ejaculation. There are usually four levels of arousal. You need to take note of these four levels to fully understand when you are already at your peak. The usual peak of arousal of a person happens when his penis starts to get bone hard and increases in temperature. If this happens you can start to stop the stimulation and check your own breathing. Rapid breathing can increase the rate of excitement and arousal of a person. A slow and very calm breathing can help delay the onset of ejaculation and lengthen your time in bed. You can also satisfy your partner by following these steps. These are the ways on how to stop premature ejaculation.


Empty Your Bladder Before Sex

A sensible thing to do is to empty your bladder before having sex, which can make you last longer in bed. Releasing the contents of your bladder can help you control you orgasm. A full bladder can affect you prostate gland and can hinder your control over your ejaculation. You can also masturbate first to release the tension.



chinese herbs

There are many Chinese remedies available that are known to help you last longer in bed. Herbs like Gingko Biloba, Yohimbe, Tribulus Terrestris, etc. are known to raise the testosterone levels in the body and delay premature ejaculation.


Diet Changes

diet changes

You should also try and have more of Zinc based foods, which are suggested for reducing your problem of faster or premature ejaculation. Boost L-arginine by having a little more of soy based products along with dark green vegetables. You can also enhance zinc levels in the body by eating more of cereals, oysters, etc.

posted Feb 26, 2016 by anonymous

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pcos home remedies


PCOS is a condition where the body experiences low grade-inflammation and the same leads to insulin resistance. As a side effect of this resistance, you suffer from issues like excessive facial hair, growth of hair on the body, menstrual bleeding that is painful along with clotting followed with an array of other problems. Hence it is vital to exercise caution and implement measures that help you in getting rid of the same. Since the underlying cause of this illness is not determined, home remedies for PCOS are a safe alternative as compared to contemporary medications.


cimammon for pcos

This spice is known to aid in fertility along with clearing many symptoms associated with PCOS. It helps to reduce swelling and inflammation and also regulates your menstrual cycle. You can add a dash of cinnamon to warm milk before going to bed. Along with this, increasing your intake of cinnamon in your daily diet is suggested as a measure for improving overall reproductive health.

Spearmint Tea

spearmint tea for pcos

Spearmint is known to reduce symptoms of PCOS by alleviating pain, regulating your menstrual cycle and cleansing the internal organs of the body. For making this remedy, you have to boil a handful of spearmint leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer for a few minutes, then strain the same and add honey to it. Drink this twice a day to get benefits from the symptoms of PCOS.

Fish Oil

fish oil

Though vegetarians don’t have fish, there are natural fish oil capsules available in the market. For those who eat fish, the good news is that the fish oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Not only will it help in reducing your insulin insensitivity, it is also known for fighting off the excessive androgen levels in the body. You can have either 1-2 capsules of the same on a daily basis or even increase your fish intake on the whole.

Exercise and Yoga

yoga for pcos

Though underlying causes of PCOS is not known, one of the best home remedies for the same is exercise and yoga. Especially yoga poses like bow pose, boat pose, warrior pose, etc. help in strengthening the core muscles of the body. As a result, your uterus too is able to flush out toxins and get rid of many other symptoms associated with the same. Also, since they aid in weight loss, your chances at fertility are better with this home remedy for PCOS.

Drink 10-12 Glasses of Water

drink water for pcos

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water is often referred to the best hydration therapy for treating many ailments. The more water you drink, the more your body is able to flush out from its system. This in turn helps in getting rid of impurities and toxins from within and helps in regulating your insulin levels. Water is also known for balancing hormonal levels gently.

Diet Changes

Like all other home remedies, diet change remains to be a vital part of the entire process of getting rid of PCOS associated symptoms gently. As a rule of thumb, increase your protein intake - think lentils, oats, eggs, lean meats, etc. Soy products in particular are very helpful because they contain a drug named Clomid, which again regulates your menstrual cycle. DIM or Diindolymethane found in green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. balances your hormones so add more of these to your diet. Also, being high on fibres, consuming these vegetable ensures that your digestive organs are functioning properly, which in turn boosts overall body functions.

With these simple home remedies for PCOS, you will be able to get rid of the painful and traumatic symptoms associated with it.

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yoga and exercise - bitchetarian

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indian gooseberries

Found easily in both fresh and dried forms, the many wonders of Indian gooseberries are not restricted to just outer beauty. An array of health benefits comes from within the body as the Indian gooseberry is a fruit that is very much sought after in Ayurveda too. And here’s why-


Aids fertility by fighting obesity

fights obesity

Cleansing and purifying the blood is the foremost reason for the gooseberry being so popular. It boosts your metabolic activity and is also rich in proteins. As a result, fat is burnt at a much faster pace as compared to regular foods. Also, converting protein into usable forms requires a good deal of calorie burning. It has amino acids that are broken down by the enzymes for cellular growth, whilst using up stored fat. Fighting off this fat from the digestive and uterine area helps in boosting metabolism and thus enhances chances of fertility. 


Reduces menstrual cramps and fights uterine cancer


So many women suffer menstrual cramps, which can be rather excruciating and especially if it happens on a regular basis. The minerals and vitamins found in the gooseberries are known for reducing the impact of these cramps. However, for best results, the gooseberries should be consumed on a regular basis, especially since it takes some time for the body to integrate the same. Drink Indian gooseberry juice or even chewing on the fruit for 2-3 weeks prior to your periods is known to have impact on reducing cramps.


Additionally, the berries are also sources of rich flavonoids and antioxidants, which are known to offer protection against many kinds of cancer, especially uterine cancer. Improvement in immunity and fighting the harmful oxygen free radicals in the body are some of the benefits found in the same.


Prevents swelling and pregnancy constipation

pregnancy and indian gooseberries

During pregnancy swelling is rather common. But being a diuretic fruit, Indian gooseberries are known for flushing out unwanted waste and toxins from the body, along with high levels of salt and uric acid. These are the primary causes of swelling during pregnancy. Also, the high fibre gooseberries boost your digestive function with increased fibre intake. Thus it aids pregnancy related constipation and regulates smoother bowel movements. As a result, risks like biles during this tenure are reduced drastically. Considering that pregnant women are now allowed many medicines, the nutrient-rich Indian gooseberries also give you an immunity boost.

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Observing the following signs could help you understand if you are ovulating.

Change in basal body temperature:

This is the lowest temperature recorded, which is usually soon after getting up in the morning. This temperature is usually consistent throughout the cycle, except for when ovulating. During ovulation there is a steep increase in the temperature which could be used as a sign to determine ovulation. To check this temperature, a basal body thermometer is required; which is available here.

Change in cervical mucus:

Cervical mucus is the fluid produced in the cervix which could be taken as a means to identify ovulation. During ovulation the cervical mucus resembles egg white – clear and slippery. In the days soon after menstrual discharge, it is usually absent, followed by cloudy white during follicular development, egg-white during ovulation and cloudy white again post ovulation.

Change in cervical feel and position:

The cervix usually lowers down during menstruation and is on a slightly higher side during ovulation. Also the cervix appears softer, open and wet. The wetness can sometimes be evidently felt.


Tenderness of breasts:

Due to increase in the level of progesterone tenderness of breast could be observed as the one of the symptoms of ovulation.

Apart from these, the usual symptoms could be spotting, abdominal bloating, increased sex drive, increased sense of smell and taste

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